smooth hammerhead shark

Keep in mind when you go into the water, it’s crazy out there. Even sharks battle other sharks for supremacy. Kenaro Malcolm out of Key West Florida who goes by capytan_salt was out fishing for bonefish with @big_cam4241. They saw a massive mud cloud in the distance so they took up their lines to investigate. That’s when they spotted two sharks battling to the death. A smaller Blacktip doing everything it could to hang onto the much larger Hammerhead.

Watch As Two Sharks Battle To The Death

I’m sure that Blacktip was doing whatever it could to hang on to the fin of the Hammerhead, but in the end, the size of the other shark was just too much. Usually when we spot a hammerhead it’s going after tarpon. But when challenged, it’s a fierce predator.


Sharks Are Swarming Florida Gulf Coast Beaches

Here’s some video that’ll make you think twice before swimming to far off in the Gulf. Sharks swarming off this Clearwater Florida beach.

Helicopter footage from the Pasco County Sheriff shows the sharks off Anclote Key, which is a nature preserve in the Tampa / Clearwater area. Each year tarpon show up in huge numbers between Boca Grande and Tampa Bay as they’ve migrated here all the way from Africa and through the Caribbean. The sharks follow behind them. Because to sharks, tarpon are delicious. I’ve never had tarpon. Is it good? I do love grouper. Do sharks eat grouper, too? I think the sharks in Florida eat everything.

The Pasco County Sheriff helicopter was flying over Anclote Key State Park and took this video. Make sure you share this with your northern friends. We all know the gulf is full of sharks. They don’t.

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