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What’s The Dumbest Thing A Guest Has Ever Asked A Disney World Employee?

Not all guests to the Orlando, Florida theme park are equal. Some, you wonder how they even found their way to the park. So when Tik Tok asked "What's The Dumbest Thing A Guest Has Ever Asked A Disney World Employee?" one former employee couldn't wait to tell her story. A Former Disney World Employee Tells Her Story Brittany recounts her time as a CP in Bell Services at a Disney World Resort Hotel. Bell Services assists with luggage during check in and check out. After a guest had been checked in at the hotel for several hours, they approached the employee with a request. Their luggage had still not arrived in their room. They were using Disney's Magical Express Service. The complimentary service, until it ended in 2022, ran exclusively from Orlando International Airport to the resorts, available to guests with reservations at a Walt Disney World, Orlando, resort hotel. A Disney transportation bus drives near Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) The Case Of The Missing Luggage The employee checked the system, yet was unable to track down the guest's luggage. So they did the next step, and that was to ask the guests where they left their luggage. The answer is priceless, so I'll let Brittany tell it. The Disney World Employee Solves The Mystery Lol. They left the luggage on their front porch thinking that a "magical bus" would pick it up? It's amazing the people actually found their way to the airport! She ends it with "That's a 100% true story." Depending on where they live, their luggage may actually have 'magically disappeared' from their porch. In the comments section, someone corroborated the story, saying that - yes, "these people exist". Another Disney World Employee chimed with a dumb question that she's been asked: "What time is the 1 o'clock parade?" [select-listicle listicle_id="284487" syndication_name="three-year-old-florida-girl-adopts-demonic-doll-takes-it-to-disney-world" description="yes"]

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