The sawfish is listed as a critically endangered species, so seeing one is quite rare. Catching one while fishing off the beaches of Florida, rarer still. They are really only found in Northern Australia and Florida. The sawfish can grow up to 25 feet in length (Oh My God!) and estimates place their numbers remaining in the 500 range left in the world. So when these guys fishing off the coast of Florida caught one, they knew it needed to be safely returned. ‘Safely” being the key word here.

According to Wikipedia “Sawfish are actually docile and harmless to humans, except when captured, where they can inflict serious injuries when defending themselves by thrashing the saw from side-to-side.” And you don’t wanna be on the bad side of that saw. They can cut a fish in half with one quick flip. I image they could do the same with a persons leg.


This thing looked like a chainsaw in the water until you saw it’s eyes. And then at the end of the video to find out that this was this guy’s first fish he ever caught? Insane. But you’ve peaked my dude, it’s never gonna get better than this.

He was fishing with a guide from Apex Anglers, who specialize in catch-and-release shark fishing.

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