shortfin mako shark,

The seas were angry that day, my friends. Like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli. That’s when this mako shark got to close to the shore on Pensacola Beach in Florida and found itself in distress. It was beached. And with no marine biologists around, four men jumped in for the rescue.

What those guys on Pensacola Beach did took some real guts.

The Mako shark is on the endangered list and they risked their personal safety to help it get back in the water. If they were the ones in the water, I’m not sure the shark would have extended the same courtesy. But they put themselves clearly into harms way to save this animal.

This is a clearly different story than the one about the idiots holding up sharks and taking selfies. These men jumped in to save this shark.

Shark attacks have been too common this year, and anyone on the coast of Florida knows it. I love the comment by the woman recording the video “look at those teeth!” She ain’t lying. And because this story needs a happy ending, I did find another video where the shark swims off. It’s actually from a news station that breaks down the whole story. Turns out, it was a mix of Texas people and Florida people.

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