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The 10 Most Popular Card Games in Florida

Whether it's on a screen or with a deck in your hand, playing cards here in the Sunshine State is still a great pastime. But in Florida, we don't just play cards for fun, gambling is very popular, and that shows up in the list of our 10 most popular card games. Earlier this month, we had some friends over to play cards at our house in Estero. One person suggested euchre, but she's from the Midwest so you kind of expect that. That card game just isn't that popular here. What we did play, was a throwback - Cards Against Humanity. It'd been so long since we had that game out that no one remembered any of the cards, so the game was as shocking as it was the first time we played it. One note on that game, don't bring it out if someone's going to get offended. It's - an adult game. The most popular card games in Florida. It's not Cards Against Humanity, and it's not Euchre, so what card games do Florida people play? Casinos.com analyzed Google Trends data to see what people are searching for. Whether it's someone looking up the rules, or where to get in a game. This is what we were searching for here in Florida. Rank Card Game Avg. Google Trends Score 1 Blackjack 68 2 Poker 64 3 Solitaire 59 4 Magic 44 5 War 42 6 Rummy 42 7 Spades 41 8 Hearts 34 9 Crazy Eights 29 10 Go Fish 28 Poker is actually the most popular card game in America, but Florida favors Blackjack. It's such a simple game to explain but is near impossible to master. I think that's why so many people end up at the Blackjack tables at the casino. At least with cards on the table you feel like you're in charge, you can win. And unlike playing poker, you're not playing against the others - it's all of you against the dealer. But both games are still very popular here. Seeing solitaire at number 3 reminds me back in the day when that game was on your computer by default. Wasted a lot of time at work with that. Magic The Gathering is still a big deal here. Crazy eights and go fish seem like kid's game, but maybe it's their simplicity that keeps them around. [select-listicle listicle_id="238795" syndication_name="10-of-the-biggest-real-life-casino-heists" description="yes"]

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