This is not how a day of fishing in the Keys is supposed to go down. Brett Reeder was fishing in the Content Keys just south of Miami, Florida when he hooked a 6 foot lemon shark. While watching the video, it looked like he was doing what he was supposed to be doing. Remove the hook and free the shark. Until he tries to pick up the shark. That’s when the shark thrashed around and bit down on his pinky. Then it did some type of alligator roll and twisted Brett’s pinky nearly off.

Brett’s wife Mandy applied a tourniquet to stop the bleeding before  driving the boat back to shore and Brett was airlifted to the hospital for surgery.

NY Post reports: “We’d hooked our last shark of the day [a 6-foot lemon shark],” Reeder described. “And I needed my hook back, so I tried to get ahold of him to get my hook back and got unlucky.”

TMZ also posted the video in their ‘sports’ section: “You can see in video of the bite — which, again, is VERY graphic — blood spilled everywhere … ‘causing Reeder to yell out, “F***! I lost my goddamn pinky! F***!”

Here’s the video of the incident, be ready for some strong language. I mean, what would you say if a shark bit down on your finger? Florida shark fishing is a dangerous game.

  • The follow up, after a trip to the hospital


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  • Still waiting on an update

    Brett says he’ll know if the pinky attachment operation is a success later this week.

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