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Home Run King Used to be a Big Deal

Being the MLB Home Run King used to be a big deal.  To own the title of MLB home run leader for a season or a career made a player into a house hold name.  But I'll bet the majority of people reading this cannot  name who the 2023 home run leader was!  And names like Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron stood the test of time.  Back in the day every kid could fire off home run stats for Ruth, Aaron and many more off the top of their head. Then Barry Bonds happened.  He shattered the single season and career home run marks during his career.  But many people are convinced he did it by cheating with performance enhancing drugs.  He became the new Home Run King.  That's when people stopped caring about lofty home run records. REAL HOME RUN KING Well, on this day in 1974 Hank Aaron tied Babe Ruth's all-time home run mark with 714.  He would later set the record he owned alone until Bonds came along. So today, we will do home run trivia and remember a time when Home Run King used to be a big deal on Craig Shemon and Company on ESPN Southwest Florida. HOME RUN KING TRIVIA Who did Hank Aaron play for when he became the Home Run King? Atlanta Braves What was the most HR’s Babe Ruth hit in a season? 1927 he hit 60. In the 1990’s what which Cardinal and Cub battled every year for the HR title? Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa Who was the first player ever to register 3 60 HR seasons? Sammy Sosa Name the only two players to reach 70 HR’s in a season? Mark McGuire and Barry Bonds What father-son duo has the most career HR’s? Bobby and Barry Bonds with 1094 (Barry 762) What father-son duo both had exactly 319 career HR’s? Cecil and Prince Fielder with 319 each Who was the MLB HR leader last season? Matt Olson Braves 54 Who is the current MLB HR leader with 5? Mookie Betts What pitcher has given up the most career HR’s? Jaimie Moyer gave up 522 and pitched 25 years and won 269 games. [select-listicle listicle_id="178061" syndication_name="4-predictions-2024-mlb-season" description="yes"]

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