The Cincinnati Reds took on the Los Angeles Dodgers On Wednesday June 7th at Great American Ball Park. Before the game, the National Anthem was sung by a friend of mine, Dr. Yvette Williams. She absolutely crushed it. I may be a little biased because I know her, so I’ll post the video and let you judge for yourself. But first….

I know Yvette back when I ran a recording studio in Dayton, Ohio. She would come in to record for her album. Working on the hook of a song I remember recording the main vocal part. Then she asked for another track and recorded the harmony – perfectly. Then another track for another harmony. Perfect. Then another track. We did at least 5 tracks (or maybe it was 7) of vocal harmonies that I didn’t even know existed.  So when I tell you Yvette can sing – she can sing.

One more before I get to the Cincinnati Reds anthem. At the time I was in Dayton, Yvette was a single mother raising two young girls alone. I don’t think they were allowed to have a dog where they lived, so, they would come to my house and ‘borrow’ mine. I’d get home and there’d be a note on my counter “We took your dog”. They’d bring my dog, Sara, back later and she’d be so happy, and completely exhausted. I still have no idea where they went.

So when I found out my friend was singing the National Anthem at the Reds game, I couldn’t be happier for her. The Reds won, too. 8-6 over the Dodgers.

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