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Happy Birthday Russell Wilson. Let’s Talk QB’s!

Happy Birthday Russell Wilson.  The Broncos quarterback turns 35 today.  Wilson is one of the more unique quarterbacks in the NFL with his ability to run and throw his famous, accurate tear-drop bombs down field.  He is also a Super Bowl winner from his days in Seattle.  There were whispers that Russ had lost a step when the Seahawks shipped him to Denver.  And, under Nathaniel Hackett's system the whispers seemed to be true as his game dropped off significantly.  However, after a slow start under new coach Sean Payton, Russell's abilities are starting to shine again. Happy birthday Russell Wilson! But enough about Russ.  On the occasion of his birthday we thought we'd talk about quarterbacks in general during our daily trivia segment with Craig Shemon and Company on ESPN Southwest Florida.  Good Luck! QUIZ TIME: Name the two universities Russell Wilson played for? NC State and Wisconsin Who is Russell Wilson’s wife? Ciara Name the two schools Jalen Hurts played for? Alabama and Oklahoma Where did Bailey Zappe go to school? Houston Baptist and Western Kentucky Who currently leads the NFL in TD passes? Josh Allen 24 Two quarterbacks lead the league with 13 INT’s. Can you name one?  Josh Allen, Sam Howell In 2014 what MLB team drafted Patrick Mahomes? Detroit Tigers Jared Goff once completed an NFL record 45 passes in a game.One other quarterback completed 45 passes in an NFL game.  Who was it? (Hint: Washington State product). Drew Bledsoe Following Bryce Young and CJ Stroud, who was the 3rd QB taken in the 2023 NFL Draft? Anthony Richardson Colts. Where did Jags coach Doug Pederson play quarterback the majority of his 13-year career? Packers [select-listicle listicle_id="158870" syndication_name="how-the-top-8-teams-make-the-playoffs" description="yes"]

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