Walk 250% Faster Thanks to New “Shift Moonwalker” Shoes

They were shoes that, to me as a child, made me better. I believed that wearing them made me stronger. I believed that wearing those shoes would make me more powerful than Bo Jackson. You could do it if Bo could.

When I wore his cross-trainer sneakers when I was 10 years old, I at least thought that. Not to mention my Michael Jordan footwear, I was told that if I paid enough money to purchase his shoes, I too could be like Mike. In my Air Jordans, I can actually feel the air.

All 200 dollars worth. Additionally, I saw the movie The Sandlot and came upon some vintage sneakers called PF Flyers.

Faster Shoes:

I asked my mom for a pair of vintage PF Flyers since, as a little boy, I believed that movie to be true. I considered wearing a pair of these retro sneakers so I could run more quickly, like the young character in the movie. No, not even the classic PF Flyers or Bo Jackson or not even the expensive Air Jordans could improve my athletic performance.

I was still terrible no matter how much money I spent on shoes. At the very least, my kicks are cool. However, new technology may suddenly cause it to all alter. How about a new pair of shoes and the ability to run even faster? This is science fiction, yet it might actually be true. Well, it might be…

Shift Moonwalkers:

I have to buy these. If not for me, then for the slow pedestrians at crosswalks that take an eternity to cross the street. Shift Robotics, a Pittsburgh-based tech business, is on the rise thanks to their BATTER-POWERED SHOES, which increase walking speed by up to 250%.

Shift Moonwalkers are what they’re called, and they resemble roller skates somewhat. However, they are made to allow you to walk normally.

In essence, you’re rolling AND walking at once, which seems difficult. But they employ AI. to adjust to the way you walk in order to avoid falling or tripping.

Faster Shift Moonwalker Shoes:

I have to admit. These things are really cool. They kind of remind me of those “Heely” shoes with wheels that the kids injure (and some adults) injure themselves with.

However, these shoes lock when you are actually walking in them. Also, they allow you to climb stairs too! Additionally, when walking downhill, a feature limits your top speed.

The drawback is that they are quite big because they strap to your shoes. And ugly. Additionally, the cost will be about $1,400.

They ship in March and can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter for a little less than that right now.