Caught on Camera: Florida Woman Goes Wild In Spitting Arrest Video

In todays world you can never predict when your craziest or embarrassing moments might end up being caught on camera. So it's best to keep your behavior in check. According to FOX35, an incident, in Florida saw Julia Jones, a 40 year resident of Palm Coast getting into quite a wild situation. The police were called to her residence after a report of a " highly intoxicated female" causing a disturbance. It turned out to be more chaotic than expected as the entire scene was caught on camera. Julia was allegedly heavily indulging in vodka consuming large quantities like there was no tomorrow. When law enforcement arrived Julia was unsteady on her feet. Emitting the drunk scent of booze. Despite their efforts to prevent her from wandering into traffic she resisted their assistance. She then erupted into a frenzy screaming as if she were part of a horror film. She was really loud too. Producing deafening shouts that could make anyone's ears ring. Caught on Camera: Then came the spitfire show. Julia decided to give the deputies a taste of her saliva, which is just gross on so many levels. They tried to calm her down, but she was like a tornado of nutty chaos, flailing and spitting like a madwoman. The whole showdown was caught on camera. They finally managed to wrestle her into cuffs, but even then, she wasn't done. She was throwing F-bombs like confetti at a parade. Later while confined in the rear of the police car Julia began banging her head against the seat questioning the officers as if she were conducting her own interrogation. It felt like witnessing a disaster unfold. It's quite unfortunate really.  But you couldn't look away even if you wanted to. Police finally had to drag her to the hospital before tossing her in the slammer. She coughed up some cash and walked out. It's another reminder to always drink responsibly. Caught on Camera Arrest: [select-listicle listicle_id="393340" syndication_name="caution-5-things-you-should-never-do-drunk" description="yes"]

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