(L-R) Chancler Haynes, Rina Yang, and Taylor Swift accept the Video of the Year award for "Anti-Hero" onstage during the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards at Prudential Center on September 12, 2023 in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for MTV)

A conspiracy theory being floated by one Tik Tokker shows how Taylor Swift could use Travis Kelce to help the rival Philadelphia Eagles overcome the Kansas City Chiefs in a potential future Super Bowl matchup. And the thing is, what she is saying could totally make sense.

First up, we can’t even really confirm that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are actually dating. Taylor was spotted in New York hanging out with Blake Lively while Travis was busy winning with the Kansas City Chiefs in a 17-9 victory over the Jaguars. Yet, it’s a story, and reporters pressed Travis about it. CNN reports Travis as saying “I’m not gonna talk about my personal life… I know what you writers wanna hear, and you wanna hear more about that and I’m not gonna give you anything.”

So over the weekend, a Tik Tok posted by Grace Weissend went viral with a wild conspiracy theory about the relationship. You see, Taylor Swift is from Pennsylvania and has admitted to being an Philadelphia Eagles fan. Back in February the Chiefs defeated the eagles in Super Bowl LVII 38-35. Travis Kelce was the Chiefs leading receiver in that game with 6 catches for 81 years and a touchdown. Kelce is every bit as important to the Chiefs success this year. And in the conspiracy theory, Grace thinks that Taylor knows it.

If you’re not a Taylor Swift fan, you won’t catch all the song references in here.

The theory is absolutely bonkers, but fun. She clearly spent a lot of time on this, and it shows. The video over 4 days has amassed over 3.9 million views and has over 9.000 comments.

Would Taylor use her powers to help the Eagles defeat the Chiefs in a potential Super Bowl matchup? I think she could, and then would follow it up with another amazing album.

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Ranking NFL Teams New Alt/Throwback Uniforms

  • #10 Cleveland Browns

    The Browns’ uniform design is so simple to start with that it’s hard to get creative on something new to wear without making it too flashy. With the new white helmets, the Browns will pay tribute their roots. It also nicely compliments the 1946 patch. However, not everyone seems to be in favor. NFL fans have been quick to point out the Browns’ in-state rivals the Cincinnati Bengals, already wear alternate white helmets.


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    A post shared by Cleveland Browns (@clevelandbrowns)

  • #9 Arizona Cardinals

    This is a tricky one because Arizona has worn the black jersey, black pants combo for a few years now. However, their new alternative look showcases the team’s new design, which is much simpler. The black helmet here is sharp. I just don’t understand why only the away red jersey says “Arizona” across the top, and the rest of their jersey options do not.


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  • #8 Indianapolis Colts

    In reference to the “Indiana Nights” and an “Indiana Night Sky” the Colts will have an all-blue uniform look that pairs with the black helmet. This look will debut week 7 against the Cleveland Browns.


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  • #7 Minnesota Vikings

    There’s not a huge change here. The Vikings alternate look is simply a nod to their classic original look. It contains the gray facemask. “The Classic” will be worn on the first week of the season.


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  • #6 Detroit Lions

    The Lions will debut a new blue helmet with an alternate logo on October 30 against the Raiders and during the week 18 matchup with their division rival Vikings. It will be paired with the alternate all-gray jersey and pants combination. This set also pays tribute to the culture and city of Detroit.


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  • #5 New York Jets

    The Jets have all sorts of new toys and expectations this year. Aaron Rodgers and company will wear “legacy” whites during their opening game (Monday Night Football) against the Buffalo Bills, and on October 1 against the Kansas City Chiefs. The alternate parts here are the white facemask, the retro logo, and the jersey design that mirrors the Jets of the ’80s.

  • #4 Philadelphia Eagles

    From Gang Green to Kelly Green. The Eagles haven’t officially posted photos yet, but UniWatch did have a preview. This set also pays tribute to look Reggie White and Randall Cunningham made famous. This design should be the team’s permanent look.

  • #3 Tennessee Titans

    What we all knew was coming. What NFL fans have wanted for years, finally was confirmed this weekend. The Titans will sport the classic throwback look that respects where they came from. That would be Houston. The Oilers logo with Columbia blue will be worn twice this season. Though these uniforms are a total hit, there’s a slight deduction in ranking due to the Titans taking so long to finally showcase these. How do Houston Texan’s fans feel about this?


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  • #2 Seattle Seahawks

    Seattle is also paying tribute to their roots. While this is a complete departure from their current uniform, the throwback mirrors the classic Seahawk look from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. It may (or may not) be coincidental, but this look will also be worn against the Cleveland Browns on week 8.

  • #1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    This is just the most unique color in the entire NFL catalog. The Creamsicle makes it triumphant return. Taking the field on October 15 vs. the Lions, this throwback “Bucco Bruce” look was the team’s standard uniform from 1976-1996. “Our fans have waited a decade to see our players back in these classic Creamsicle jerseys, and we are excited to celebrate our rich legacy when we debut these one-of-a-kind uniforms,” the Bucs said in their official announcement.


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