Look at that little face. This baby bear cub knows it’s in trouble and needs help. Fortunately, someone from Florida FWC was on hand to help with the rescue.

According to a Florida FWC post, their officer called in a bear biologist to help with the rescue of the poor stuck cub. He somehow got his little back paw stuck in the crook of a tree and needed help. The rescuers spent two hours in the hot sun moving the tree back and forth to try to free the little paw. They even tried soaking the paw in dish soap to try to make it slippery enough to get out. But, to no avail. The little bear was still stuck. The officer knew more drastic measures needed to happen.

They located a local resident and borrowed a chainsaw. While one person held the little cub, trying to avoid those claws and teeth, the other cut the tree. The little bear cub was free!

After they performed a quick medical check ensuring the cub was ok, they sent the little one on it’s way to find it’s mother. A happy ending.

But speaking of, how lucky were they that the mother didn’t show up while they were attempting the rescue? If mama bear came ’round the corner and saw her baby stuck in a tree and two strangers standing there with a chainsaw, things may not have ended quite as well.  It could have looked like a scene straight out of “Cocaine Bear”.

A happy ending for the baby bear cub, but a dangerous job by the humans nonetheless.

Feel Good Videos For National Day of Encouragement

Today is National Day of Encouragement. Fitting that it comes after 9/11 and all of the heart wrenching memories that may have resurfaced yesterday. Most of us could probably use a little encouragement today. Social media is full of all kinds of videos, as you know. From informative to entertaining, to silly. I really like the inspiring ones. Sometimes you just need to hear a good word or phrase to power you though the day, or perhaps, to change your life. I gathered five feel good videos for National Day of Encouragement and for TikTok Tuesday. I even have a video from Fort Myers native Deon Sanders.

A vibrant sunrise in the beautiful natural surroundings of Orlando Wetlands Park in central Florida.

Sometimes a simple photo can be encouraging. It takes us away, gets us out of our head. This one makes me exhale. Florida has so many beautiful spots.

Deon also known as Prime Time, won two Super Bowl rings as a player, has been a sports commentator and is now head coach at the University of Colorado Bolder. Deon, is only featured in one of the videos below. However, the internet is full of his clips, telling it like it is. He is quite the motivator.

You do not need a TikTok account to watch these videos. We’ll use mine. All you have to do is scroll down and then hit play. They are all office friendly and also kid friendly. In addition, they are good for sharing with friends and family who could also use a good word or two today. We all need encouragement from time to time. You never know when the person next to you could use a little as well. So offer some up today. Not only will it help those around you, it might just blow back and boost you as well.

Check out these five feel good videos for National Day of Encouragement on TikTok Tuesday.

Joe Winner spends his days combing through memes and off beat stories to bring you the side of Florida not always seen.

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