The NFL Draft Is Two Days Away: Lets Talk Fun Facts.  It’s one of the greatest sports periods of the year and we are just a couple of days away. The NFL Draft, from Kansas City.

Here Are A Few Things You Need To Know

The Panthers acquired the number 1 overall pick in a trade with the Bears in March, and it’s the second time in their team history that Carolina has the 1st overall pick (selected QB Cam Newton in 2011).

The Panthers are expected to become the 5th team in the Common Draft Era to trade up for the 1st overall pick and select a QB, and the first since the Rams traded up to draft Jared Goff in 2016.

The first name called in Kansas City is expected to be Alabama QB Bryce Young, and as of April 18 he’s a -1200 favorite to go No. 1 according to Caesars (92% implied probability).

If Young is the 1st overall pick, it would be the first time in the Common Draft Era that an Alabama player goes No. 1 overall. Ohio State QB C.J Stroud has the 2nd-highest Scouts Inc. grade among this year’s QBs.

This could be the 9th year in the Common NFL Draft Era when QBs are selected with the first 2 overall picks and the 2nd time in the last 3 years (Trevor Lawrence & Zach Wilson in 2021).

More NFL Draft QB and Defensive Fun Facts

Young and Stroud may not be the only QBs to go off the board early. Florida’s Anthony Richardson and Kentucky’s Will Levis are the 3rd and 4th-ranked QBs according to Scouts Inc.

Also, 2018 is the only year in the Common Draft Era when 4 quarterbacks are selected in the top 10. There have never been 4 quarterbacks selected in the top 9 picks of a draft.

Richardson’s 13 college starts at Florida would be tied with UNC’s Mitchell Trubisky (2nd overall pick in 2017) for the fewest NCAA starts by a first-round quarterback since the NFL expanded to 32 teams in 2002.

The top-ranked defensive player in this year’s draft according to Scouts Inc. is Alabama OLB Will Anderson Jr. The 2-time unanimous All-American finished his Alabama career with 34.5 sacks, the 2nd most in school history behind Hall-of-Fame LB Derrick Thomas.

If Bryce Young and Anderson are selected with the first 2 picks, it will be the fourth time in the Common Draft Era that players from the same school are selected 1st and 2nd overall (and the first time since Penn State in 2000).

The other projected candidate to be the first defensive player off the board is Georgia DT Jalen Carter, who anchored the best run defense in the country last year (Georgia allowed FBS-low 77.6 Rush YPG).

He will likely will be the 3rd Georgia defensive tackle drafted in the first round over the last 2 drafts (Jordan Davis 13th by Eagles and Devonte Wyatt 28th by Packers last year).

Carter was once considered a candidate to go 1st overall, but he’s had a rough off season.

Lots more coming up on Shemon and Sheppard 2-6pm.

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The Price of A Beer at Every Major League Baseball Stadium in 2023

As we get in to summer it’s time to plan those vacations. And an amazing summer getaway is seeing a game at an out of town ball park. I love rooting for my favorite team in an out of town park. The thing is, I’m in Fort Myers, Florida, and every game is an away game for me. My closest Major League Baseball stadiums are Miami and Tampa Bay. Both are two hour drives. Hotel and Uber it is.

So what about grabbing a beer at an out of town Major League Baseball ballpark? Por que no los dos? You gotta factor in beer as part of your budget. I did this report last year and the big thing that jumps out is how much inflation has kicked in on these beer prices. Everything is more expensive.

I did this report on NFL stadium beer prices last fall and the people of Washington were not happy. Commanders fans were bitching because their beer was so expensive and their Fox tv affiliate did a segment on it. I also got banned from the NFL reddit page. Apparently this data is polarizing.

This year we turn to for the Major League Baseball info.

Here’s what they found “If you’re in search of the cheapest beer, head over to Coors Field in Denver, where the average beer cost is only $3. The Los Angeles Dodgers rank No. 2 for cheapest beer ($4.50), followed by The Arizona Diamondbacks ($4.99); St. Louis Cardinals ($5) and the Atlanta Braves ($5). ”

On the other side: “When it comes to beer prices, you’ll have to reach fairly deep into your pockets during a New York Mets game. A beer at Citi Field is about $12. The second most expensive beer in the league can be found at a Chicago White Sox game ($10.75), followed by the Chicago Cubs ($10.49); Baltimore Orioles ($10.00) and the Philadelphia Phillies ($9.99).”

So let’s rank ’em. How much am I gonna pay for a beer at a Major League Baseball game? Looks like the Mets are the most expensive again this year.

Remember, as we learned from the NFL version of this list. Not every stand at the park is going to get you this price. But with most ballparks, if you ask around, you can find a ‘deal’.