Travis Kelce attends the 2023 CMT Music Awards at Moody Center on April 02, 2023 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for CMT)

The 20 Hottest NFL Players: Ranked

We’ve done these before, and they tend to do well. So we will give you the 20 hottest NFL players ranked. Baseball might be Americas past time, but football is Americas present and future. We have a saying in sports radio “football is king”. Unlike the NBA, there are not a ton of celebrity couples across the National Football League. Asking around the office there were a few names that kept coming up. Travis Kelce, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Saquon Barkley are all names that got thrown around. There are no players from the Florida teams (Buccaneers, Dolphins, Jaguars). So as the calendar shifts to the fall, out attention goes to football. And with it the 20 hottest NFL players ranked. If you’re a fan of the sidelines view, we’ve ranked the NFL Coaches as well.

I got this list from Their list is quite lengthy. In fact I couldn’t get to the bottom of the list. And if you’re outside the top 20, you don’t deserve to be mentioned. What is nice to see is the variety of positions represented. We’ve got all of the usual suspects; quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers (the divas of the NFL). But there is a kicker and an offensive lineman in the list. It’s not often a position group that is called the “Big Uglies” get put on a list of the hottest players. But it is 2023 and big is beautiful, right? Also, the quality of the player is not taken into account. Nor is how good of a person or team mate they are. It’s the 20 hottest NFL players: ranked.

  • 20. Michael Badgley (Detroit Lions- Kicker)

    If only his coach had trusted him more, maybe the Lions would be in the Super Bowl. There’s always next year.

  • 19. DK Metcalf (Seattle Seahawks- Wide Receiver)

    The 20 Hottest NFL Players: Ranked DK Metcalf

    (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Goldin )

    DK is one physically gifted individual. He is what statues should be modeled after.

  • 18. Justin Pugh (Arizona Cardinals- Guard)

    Offensive Linemen are known at “Big Uglies”. That is certainly not the case for Justin Pugh.

  • 17. Justin Jefferson (Minnesota Vikings- Wide Receiver)

    Justin Jefferson had a few big injuries in 2023. But he might have had his biggest year off the field after posting a photo with fellow LSU athlete Olivia Dunne.

  • 16. Robert Woods (Houston Texans- Wide Receiver)

    Robert Woods, AKA “Bobby Trees”. The guys changes teams pretty much every season. But he does it in style.

  • 15. Odell Beckham Jr. (Baltimore Ravens- Wide Receiver)

    Had a great season with the Baltimore Ravens. But his dad sure does have a lot of thoughts about who is throwing his son the football…

  • 14. Chase Claypool (Miami Dolphins- Wide Receiver)

    Life is seemingly gotten better for Claypool. At least professionally it has. Claypool was traded to the Miami Dolphins this season and now lives in one of the best cities for fashion in the world.

  • 13. T.J. Watt (Pittsburgh Steelers- Outside Linebacker)

    Kind of strange for a kid from Wisconsin who plays on the defensive line in Pittsburgh to be on this list. But good for TJ (check out the other Watt brothers JJ and Derek)

  • 12. Jaire Alexander (Green Bay Packers- Cornerback)

    Jaire Alexander

    (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)

    Jaire is a heck of player on the field, a looker off the field, and might be playing on a new field next season. The relationship between him and the Packers doesn’t seem to be the best right now.

  • 11. Stefon Diggs (Buffalo Bills- Wide Receiver)

    Stefon Diggs

    (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

    Stefon Diggs has wowed with some of his pre-game outfits in 2023/24. Diggs clearly has an eye of fashion… or at least thinks he does!

  • 10. Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs- Tight End)

    If you don’t know who Travis Kelce is at this point, then allow me to the first human to welcome you to Earth!  Everything is coming up Aces for Mr. Kelce.

  • 9. Kevin Byard (Philadelphia Eagles- Safety)

    Byard changed teams half way through the 2023 season moving from the Titans to Philadelphia with the Eagles. Seems like a big win for the City of Brotherly Love.

  • 8. Christian McCaffrey (San Francisco 49ers- Running Back)

    CMC is a great player, but likes to keep a low profile off the field. That’s kind of tough since he’s dating former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo.

  • 7. Harrison Butker (Kansas City Chiefs- Kicker)

    The sexiest kicker is Harrison Butker who is also the kicker for the most successful NFL franchise over the last half decade.

  • 6. Tee Higgins (Cincinnati Bengals- Wide Receiver)

    As handsome as Tee Higgins is, he might become more attractive this offseason. Higgins is expected to sign a massive contract as he becomes a free agent.

  • 5. Jalen Hurts (Philadelphia Eagles- Quarterback)

    Things didn’t end so hot for the young Eagles QB this season. He’s got some work to do to win over the Eagles faithful in 2024.

  • 4. D.J. Moore (Chicago Bears- Wide Receiver)

    The Windy City doesn’t know who their QB will be in 2024. But they know DJ Moore will be on the outside catching whatever is thrown his way.

  • 3. Joe Burrow (Cincinnati Bengals- Quarterback)

    If you’re sad the Bengals missed the playoffs this year and you didn’t get as much Joe Burrow as you’re used to, I have good news. He will be back next year. A series of injuries derailed Burrow’s season from August.

  • 2. Saquon Barkley (New York Giants- Running back)

    Barkley will become a free agent this offseason and could be in line to sign the richest deal for a running back in league history.

  • 1. Jimmy Garoppolo (Las Vegas Raiders- Quarterback)

    Easy #1. Although his play on the field did not warrant this spot on the list… just look at him. Until he is no longer in the league, he will hold down the #1 spot.

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