ESPN SWFL Hurricane Central

ESPN SWFL Hurricane Central

ESPN SWFL Hurricane Central

Southwest Florida officials are preparing for Hurricane Ian power outages. They are going to happen. It is inevitable that hurricane and tropical storm force winds will knock power out to businesses and residents in Southwest Florida. The big question is always, “For how long?”

The answer, it depends. It depends on many factors. Things like where you live matters. Also, the wild card is always the type of damage that has been done. Transformers might be fine. However, if there are downed trees across lines, those transformers wont be turned on. That could spark fires and even bigger problems.


Restoring power after Hurricane Ian will occur as quickly as crews can get out and asses damage

If you have a generator for power, read all instructions. Make sure it is in a safe place with ventilation. Pay attention to the electrical connections. Preform a test run before the storm. Generators are life savers but can also be dangerous. After every storm, there are tragic stories resulting from misuse of, or faulty generators. Use caution when using them.

There are thousands of officials from LCEC and FPL stationed around the state, on standby. They are ready to sprint into action once it is safe. Winds need to die down to 35 miles per hour before crews will be dispatched. In addition, power officials working from their command center are often able to work remotely on power restoration.

Preparing for Hurricane Ian power outages, this is what it looks like.

  • power priority

    The first areas to get power restoration are the power plants themselves. If they are not up and running, the rest of us can’t get power. It’s common sense.

  • critical care

    Also common sense, facilities such as police and fire stations and hospitals are critical for taking care of residents safety. They are next in the food chain when it comes to power restoration.

  • population concentration

    Dense areas, where a lot of people and activity are, are next on the list. This gets gas stations and grocery stores back on line. Both important for daily life.

  • Outlying areas

    Smaller neighborhoods and rural areas are next on the list of power restoration.

  • more Vital info

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