I like discovering funny social media videos. They are a great way to escape all of the negative going on in the world. And there is nothing is better than parents embarrassing their kids, especially at school. Unless you are or were the kid, of course. I have friends who complain incessantly about the school pickup lines in Southwest Florida. However, I bet they wouldn’t mind quite as much if they saw crazy things like these. Check out these hilarious father daughter school pick up videos for TikTok Tuesday.

Lately, my TikTok feed has had lots of these videos populating from a guy named Wealthyjev and they are mostly of him embarrassing his kids at school. I have one of them below. I don’t know why I find them so funny. My parents were good humored when I was growing up. They played tricks on me and most were funny. But I don’t recall them ever doing things like this in front of my friends at school. However, I do remember pulling off this kind of prank when picking my brother up from the airport once. He was completely embarrassed and I was completely over the moon by it. Annoying your siblings never gets old.

If you are a parent, grandparent, or guardian whose job includes retrieving kids from school, check out these videos. Maybe you could have a little bit of fun over the holidays. However, every child is different and you certainly don’t want to embarrass them in a bad way. So give your prank a little bit of thought first. And remember, paybacks could be possible at some point.

All of these videos are office friendly and are good for a laugh today. Share with other parents as well. Check out these hilarious father daughter school pick up videos for TikTok Tuesday.

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