FORT MYERS BEACH,FLORIDA - SEPTEMBER 29: In an aerial view, damaged buildings are seen as Hurricane Ian passed through the area on September 29, 2022 in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. The hurricane brought high winds, storm surge and rain to the area causing severe damage. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The floods of Hurricane Ian completely washed away many homes on Fort Myers Beach. Many buildings were damaged. A lot of the homes are just completely gone. And now a lot of them are for sale – in the MILLIONS!

I did a search on for high end homes on Fort Myers Beach. I expected to see a lot of damaged properties, and I did. But what I didn’t expect was the prices on them. Vacant lots where homes used to be being listed for 1,2,3, nearly 4 million dollars. And this just isn’t people looking to maybe get the price, I’m seeing “sold” and “contingent” on some. Nearly 4 million dollars for a vacant lot in an area that was just completely destroyed. I mean, good on the sellers if you can get that money, but if we thought people were going to be scared of moving to the beach because of what just happened – they aren’t.

There was a fresh study from Redfin that included the month of October (after Ian), and the amount of people moving to our area has not slowed down.

So, if you’re waiting for the SWFL housing market to crash, it may not happen. Yes, plenty of people are leaving the beach because the thought of going through anything like Ian again is just too much. In a scarier thought, some of these homes had people in them when the floods washed them away. In any case, buyers are moving in to take the chance that it’s not going to happen again. My real question is, even after you buy, then build, is it going to be insurable? For all the struggles of property and flood insurance in our area, could you even insure something new being built on the beach?

Let’s take a look at some of the higher priced strips of sand and damaged homes on Fort Myers Beach.

  • 8010 Estero Blvd - $4,800,000


  • 5830 Estero Blvd - $4,190,000


  • 1664 - $3,999,000

  • 6000-6002 Gulf Rd - $3,999,000


  • 8056 Estero Blvd - $3,900,000


  • 3060 Estero Blvd - $3,799,000


  • 5356 Estero Blvd - $3,500,000


  • 3610 Estero Blvd - $3,200,000


  • 5246 Estero Blvd - $3,200,000

  • 6041 Gulf Rd - $1,999,000

    Is that a pool I see?


  • 113-119 Fairweather Ln - $1,890,000


  • 2680 Estero Blvd - $1,795,000


  • 4401 Estero Blvd - $1,650,000


  • 450 Estero Blvd - $1,300,000


  • 4839 Estero Blvd - $1,200,000


  • 5157 Estero Blvd - $1,160,000


  • 4841 Estero Blvd - $1,100,000

  • 4151 Estero Blvd - $1,100,000


  • 127-129 Fairweather Ln - $990,000

    Completely gutted. Still about a mill.

  • So.......

    Yes, there’s properties popping up on Fort Myers beach that were completely wiped out. But it doesn’t look like they’re coming down much on prices. And they may not have to.

    My realtor neighbor Mark who already has a black Corvette that resembles the Batmobile now has to park his giant truck in the driveway to make room for the BMW convertible in the garage. I should have been a realtor.


  • …..

  • …..

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