Do you still have more holiday parties to attend this week? Are you hosting people for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and need to fill in some blanks when it comes to the menu? Maybe some of these ideas can help. Here are 5 fantastic appetizers for your festive Florida Christmas gatherings and for TikTok Tuesday.

I have been seeing lots of videos on social media where cheese balls are shaped into all kinds of things and decorated. It seemed like Christmas trees were trending so I tried one. First, I took two disks of Boursin Garlic and Herb Cheese and molded it into the shape of a tree. Next, I took olive and stuck them in the cheese with toothpicks. You can’t break the toothpick in half. You have to use the entire thing since the cheese is so soft.

Finally, I took sprigs of rosemary and stuck those around the olives. It looked a like a Christmas Tree and it was fun to dig into. Here is a video of the finished product. It is a little sparse in areas, like my real Christmas Tree. However, I think it was a good first effort as guests were arriving.


Christmas appetizer. I could’ve filled in the blanks better but was in a rush. #guests lovedit. #boursincheese #olives #rosemary #DIY #christmas #appetizer #cheeseballs #party #holidaytabledecor #cheeseandcrackers

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Here is a another easy idea I used at one of my holiday parties. Arrange traditional caprese salad in the shape of a candy cane. The colors are also perfect for Christmas. And if you buy quality ingredients, it tastes darn good too.

alternating slices of tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil leaves, arranged to form a candy cane

This is super easy to do and it tastes great. Alternate slices of tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil leaves. Add a little salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and you are good to go.

You don’t have to have a TikTok account to view these videos. We can use mine. Just scroll down and hit play from here. The videos are all office friendly. Finally, check out these 5 fantastic appetizers for your festive Florida Christmas gatherings and for TikTok Tuesday.

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