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FSU is Pillaging Alabama

Not a lot went right for Florida State at the end of the 2023 season. No need to pick at those scabs. But since the Orange Bowl, things have been looking up for the Seminoles as FSU is pillaging Alabama. According to some outlets, Alabama had Mike Norvell circled to become their next head coach. Florida State administration and boosters stepped in to nip that in the butt and signed Norvell to a 10-year contract. It's the type of deal that not only shows Norvell how serious the school is about winning. But it also will make it very difficult for Norvell to leave in the future. But that is not the only win the Noles have had over the Crimson Tide this month. FSU is pillaging Alabama's roster now that Nick Saban is gone and their players can enter the transfer portal. FSU is Pillaging Alabama So far this offseason the Seminoles have had 5 players transfer in from Alabama. It's not just Alabama players FSU is nabbing, but talented plyers also. All 5 of the incoming Bama products are rated as 4-star prospects in 247sports rankings. The players are LB Shawn Murphy, RB Roydell Williams, CB Earl Little II, IOL Terrence Ferguson, and WR Malik Benson. What is interesting about all five of the new FSU players is when they committed. Four of the five announced their intention to attend FSU prior to Nick Saban announcing his retirement. That is a big deal because these are not just guys who are looking for a new school because on of the legends in the game left. They chose FSU over Alabama coached by Nick Saban. That's a huge win for FSU and Mike Norvell. [select-listicle listicle_id="122614" syndication_name="best-names-in-college-football" description="yes"]