Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

Shemon & Sheppard – In The Afternoon

Golf is a game for gentlemen… right? That’s what most people see when looking into the golf world from an outside view. But over the last year the gentlemanly nature of the sport is going bye-bye. And we have LIV Golf to thank for that. The newest beef that is coming to light is Rory McIlroy vs Patrick Reed. Rory has been the most outspoken critic of LIV Golf of any player on the tour. Jon Rahm, Justin Thomas, and Jordan Spieth have all had some negative things to say about the rival tour to the PGA Tour. But very few have gone as far as Rory McIlroy. And nobody with the stature of Rory has been as outspoken. But whosever side you are on, the Rory McIlroy vs Patric Reed Beef needs to be explained.

People Don’t like Patrick Reed

Then there’s Patrick Reed. Put aside your feelings about LIV Golf and where the financial backing of the tour comes from. People generally don’t like Patrick Reed. And when I say people I mean his parents, siblings, and colleagues. He also has a history of being the heel for the USA in Ryder Cups and President’s Cups. There was also a situation in Australia where he cheated. Cheating is frowned upon in all sports. But I would say golf is the one sport where it can kill your career if you get labelled as a cheater.

Rory and Reed

Now to the drama. This week the DP World Tour is in Dubai for the Dubai Desert Classic. LIV golfers remain suspended from PGA Tour events, but that is not the case with the DP World Tour. So LIV golfers are allowed to tee it up this week with many of their colleagues who have been critical of their new employers. Well, Reed is one of those guys this week. And it got contentious on the range yesterday between Rory and Patrick. Scroll down to check out the tweets. But what you need to know is Patrick tried to go up to Rory and shake his hand. Trying to bury the hatchet I guess. Rory flat out ignored Patrick who was upset by the lack of acknowledgement by the world #1 and tossed some tees at Rory. Here’s the Rory McIlroy vs Patrick Reed beef explained.

  • The Video

  • Patrick Reed Subpoena to Rory on Christmas Eve!

  • Rory Not Entertaining a Reed Reunion

  • Rory's Take

  • Reed Should Expect a Counter Suit

  • Reed Fired Back

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