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Odell Beckham is still a free agent. Over the last 7 days OBJ has visited with the Giants, Bills, and Cowboys. In a surprising turn of events, news about the Cowboys physical has emerged. It sounds like Dallas is not sold that Odell will be able to contribute this season. It has always been those three teams that Odell would choose between. But a new team has emerged; the Philadelphia Eagles. Could the Eagles sign Odell Beckham? One Mike Florio is reporting that is a possibility. Here’s the tweet.

“Team to watch” is interesting. Florio is not reporting that he will sign with the best record in the NFL. But the idea of putting Odell on the field with AJ Brown, Devonte Smith, Jalen Hurts, and Dallas Goedert. Goedert has been sidelined since the end of October. But there are reports that he is preparing to play in week 15 against the Bears. Adding Odell to that offense would make even the best NFC defenses quiver. If the Dallas physical is true, and teams can’t expect Beckham to contribute in the regular season, Philly makes perfect sense. This is once again another example of having a QB on his rookie contract.

There is no doubt that Beckham is a luxury item for the Eagles. Much like Buffalo in that regard. But, Eagles fans should be excited that GM Howie Roseman isn’t resting on the team’s success this season. He is continuing to look in every corner to add to an already loaded roster. So could the Eagles sign Odell Beckham? Sure. Will they? I wouldn’t bet on it.