It appears a brawl went down at the Cleveland Heights Golf Course in Lakeland, Florida earlier this week. Mentions on the post say that the event did indeed happen at that course in Lakeland.

Now, no one wants to be known as a slow golfer. But some are just out looking for a good time and maybe aren’t up to the skill level of others. And some of those take an afternoon of golf way too seriously.

Listening to the audio (and be careful of the language if the kids are around), there’s accusations of slow play. You can hear one say “It’s the people in front of us, we can’t go any faster.” A push, and a very awkward kick started things off. Again, language warning on this one.

I don’t agree with the caption, I don’t think this was caused by making golf cheaper to appeal to more people. I think this was drinking and stupidity that caused this fight. “These guys been hitting ** golf balls into us all day long.” The big move of the day goes to the guy who walked away when the other went to the ground. He could have unleashed on him UFC style, but instead realized it was best to walk away. Stay classy, Lakeland. And keep that behavior out of Southwest Florida.

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The Price of A Beer at Every Major League Baseball Stadium in 2023

As we get in to summer it’s time to plan those vacations. And an amazing summer getaway is seeing a game at an out of town ball park. I love rooting for my favorite team in an out of town park. The thing is, I’m in Fort Myers, Florida, and every game is an away game for me. My closest Major League Baseball stadiums are Miami and Tampa Bay. Both are two hour drives. Hotel and Uber it is.

So what about grabbing a beer at an out of town Major League Baseball ballpark? Por que no los dos? You gotta factor in beer as part of your budget. I did this report last year and the big thing that jumps out is how much inflation has kicked in on these beer prices. Everything is more expensive.

I did this report on NFL stadium beer prices last fall and the people of Washington were not happy. Commanders fans were bitching because their beer was so expensive and their Fox tv affiliate did a segment on it. I also got banned from the NFL reddit page. Apparently this data is polarizing.

This year we turn to for the Major League Baseball info.

Here’s what they found “If you’re in search of the cheapest beer, head over to Coors Field in Denver, where the average beer cost is only $3. The Los Angeles Dodgers rank No. 2 for cheapest beer ($4.50), followed by The Arizona Diamondbacks ($4.99); St. Louis Cardinals ($5) and the Atlanta Braves ($5). ”

On the other side: “When it comes to beer prices, you’ll have to reach fairly deep into your pockets during a New York Mets game. A beer at Citi Field is about $12. The second most expensive beer in the league can be found at a Chicago White Sox game ($10.75), followed by the Chicago Cubs ($10.49); Baltimore Orioles ($10.00) and the Philadelphia Phillies ($9.99).”

So let’s rank ’em. How much am I gonna pay for a beer at a Major League Baseball game? Looks like the Mets are the most expensive again this year.

Remember, as we learned from the NFL version of this list. Not every stand at the park is going to get you this price. But with most ballparks, if you ask around, you can find a ‘deal’.