JANUARY 21: Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates with fans (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

Kansas City Chiefs Fans vs Philadelphia Eagles Fans: Which One Will Have The Edge On Sunday At The Super Bowl?  Lets explore what team will have an edge inside State Farm Stadium on Sunday.


According to Vivid Seats’ Fan Forecast, the crowd at the upcoming Super Bowl is expected to be made up of 62% Eagles fans and 38% Chiefs fans. Based on this, the team with a crowd advantage has won every Super Bowl from Super Bowl 50 to Super Bowl LV.

However, that streak ended last year when the Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Los Angeles Rams despite having a crowd advantage. It was a surprising outcome, especially since the Rams were playing in their home stadium, yet the Bengals still had a crowd advantage.

Super Bowl Crowd Advantages Since Super Bowl 50

1. Super Bowl LVII  Eagles  62%
2. Super Bowl LVI  Bengals  56%
3. Super Bowl LV  Buccaneers << 78%
4. Super Bowl LIV  Chiefs << 62%
5. Super Bowl LIII  Patriots << 66%
6. Super Bowl LII  Eagles << 70%
7. Super Bowl LI  Patriots << 60%
8. Super Bowl 50  Broncos << 70%
>>Won game

What About Ticket Prices?

The demand for tickets to this year’s Super Bowl is expected to result in it being the third-most expensive Super Bowl ticket ever.  It will be behind the last year’s game in Los Angeles and the 2020 Super Bowl in Tampa, where the ticket prices were high due to the limited capacity caused by Covid-19 restrictions.

Most Expensive Super Bowl Avg. Ticket Price

1. Super Bowl LV  $13,494<<
2. Super Bowl LVI  $7,180
3. Super Bowl LVII  $6,397
4. Super Bowl LIIl  $5,696
5. Super Bowl LIV  $5,511
>>Attendance: 24,835

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles – Why Are Super Bowl Tickets So Hard To Get?

Super Bowl tickets are generally difficult to obtain at face value, as the majority of them must be purchased on secondary markets. The NFL retains around 25% of all Super Bowl tickets and sells them to its partners, sponsors, and media members. The remaining tickets are distributed to each of the two teams participating in the Super Bowl.

The host team of the Super Bowl also receives a small percentage of the tickets, and the remaining 29 teams receive an even smaller percentage. The distribution of these tickets is at the discretion of each team and can vary.

Some teams distribute their tickets to season-ticket holders, partners, or through a lottery system, while others allow people to purchase them. The exact process depends on each team’s policy.

A limited number of Super Bowl tickets are sold through the NFL’s Ticket Exchange as part of NFL On Location packages. Of these packages, only 10% are priced under $1,000. The NFL also gives away a small number of Super Bowl tickets for free.

Lots more coming up later today on the Shemon and Sheppard Show 2-6pm.

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Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt is an Absolute Smoke Show

The Kansas City Chiefs are the gold standard of the NFL. They have appeared in 5 straight AFC Championship games and 3 of the last 5 Super Bowls. Andy Reid is one of the most reliable coaches in the league. Eric Bieniemy continues to get passed up for head coaching jobs, but he continues to put a top-5 offense on the field year in and year out. Then there’s Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Chris Jones, Dee Ford, and the list goes on and one. They are one of the best run organizations in the entire NFL. And looking and who will eventually take over as team owner, they will have the hottest owner in NFL history. Gracie Hunt is the daughter of Chiefs owner Clark Hunt. And get to know her name.

Gracie has her own accomplishments. She won Miss Kansas 2021, and looking at her it makes perfect sense. She’s been blowing up on Instagram recently with over 239,00 followers. This is the sort of social media content that Chiefs Kingdom can be proud of. Unlike the way they feel about the franchise quarterbacks wife and brother. They are an embarrassment to Kansas City and the Chiefs organization. But enough about them, let’s get back to the reason we’ve gathered here today: Gracie hunt. Whether you’re “Go Birds” on Sunday, or “Chiefs Kingdom” we can all hope that Gracie Hunt continues to provide us with the content that we are looking for. Scroll down and check out Chiefs heiress Gracie Hunt- she’s an absolute smoke show.






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