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College Football lost one of it’s best characters this morning. Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach passed away at the age of 61. The news has shook the college football world. Leach was at practice on Saturday as the Bulldogs prepared for their bowl game against Illinois. He was taken to the hospital sometime Saturday night/Sunday morning after suffering a massive heat attack. Adam Schefter reported the news early this morning that Leach passed away. Leach was not only one of the sports best characters and offensive minds. Leach brought Texas Tech out of obscurity in the early 2000’s, took a Washington State program to heights not seen since the 90’s, and had Mississippi State playing some of their best football in program history. There is no doubt that college football lost one of their biggest personalities and most creative thinkers.

In a world where political correctness oozes out of every coaches mouth, Leach was the exception. His off the cuff comments and wild thoughts made every one of his media availabilities can’t miss television. My favorite Mike Leach story came when he was the Offensive Coordinator for the Oklahoma. He created a fake ten play script the Sooners would use against rivals Texas. During pregame he left it in a strategically placed spot on the field, knowing a Longhorns coach would find the opening play script. They did, and it took the first 3 plays for the Texas staff to find out they were played like a fiddle. Here are some of the best moments from Mike Leach. Rest in peace coach Leach. College football will not be the same without you.

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