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Florida-Based Franchise Business Seeing Incredible Growth

Buying a franchise can be an incredibly challenging and rewarding way to own your own business. One Florida-based franchise business, however, has achieved incredible growth over the past four years. Koala Insulation offers and delivers insulation products and services. "Our mission is to deliver efficiency and improve comfort by addressing customer priorities, with expertise and simplicity, for an ultimately painless process," they explain. Insulation, air sealing, and attic fans are some of the home services you can find with Koala. Sure, this sounds great, but what really tells the story is how much growth this company has had since launching in 2018. Furthermore, franchising only started in 2020, and we all know how challenging that year was for any type of business. Recently, the Wolf of Franchises, which is a platform that shares insights on the franchise business and the entrepreneurs behind them, shared some impressive numbers regarding Koala Insulation's growth. They detailed the following timeline: Koala started in 2018, has been franchising since 2020, then was acquired in 2023 or a reported $90 million. "They opened ~326 territories in that time-span, which is pretty unheard of (usually brands fail to open that quickly)," the Wolf of Franchises states. Here Is What You Need To Know About This Florida-Based Franchise Operation Koala Insulation was started and is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, by Scott Marr. Florida has the most locations presently, with 17. They are spread around the state and in major cities like Tampa, Miami, and Fort Myers. Texas is the only other state that has double-digit Koala locations, with 16 locations across the state. For interested business owners, the franchise fee is a little under $50K. The entire investment needed to open the business can exceed $215K. Wolf of Franchise shared that the average revenue in a single year is $942K. "Within the franchise industry, Koala Insulation has become the go-to example for the power of this business model," they continue. The information available via the Koala Insulation website is a telling example as to why this organization may be so successful. The resources and explanations they provide are very thorough, concise and easy to understand. For example, they clearly outline the results you can expect when you hire Koala Insulation. These include better energy efficiency, lower utility bills, keep cool during the summer and warm during the winter. If you want to learn about all of the incentives available to homeowners that install some of the efficient products, those facts are available here too. [select-listicle listicle_id="614123" syndication_name="2-florida-skateparks-recognized-as-best-in-the-country" description="yes"]

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