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St. Patrick’s Day 2020

Ravens Mark Andrews Cheap Shot on Danny Johnson

In recent years NFL teams are holding joint practices ahead of preseason matchups. The join practices give the coaches the ability to work on specific scenarios. All while they can keep the red jersey on the quarterbacks and control the amount of hits starters take. Most NFL teams will participate in at least one joint practice. This week the Washington Commanders and Baltimore Ravens are holding joint practices at the Commanders facility ahead of the preseason game on Monday night. There are often dirty plays in the NFL. I think it just comes with the profession. But there is a line that players shouldn't cross, and that is long term injury. Well that happened today when Ravens Mark Andrews threw a cheap shot on Danny Johnson who plays corner for the Commanders. Here's the video of the body slam: Flat Out Dirty Play by Ravens Mark Andrews That is a flat out dirty play. I don't even know if this is just a dirty play. This goes beyond that. Mark Andrews needs to be face punishment by the league for this. Unfortunately because this happened during practice and not in the game the league can't discipline Andrews. A similar event occurred a year or two ago with Rams DT Aaron Donald. He ripped a team mates helmet off and swung it at him. The league could not step in because of the same reason. The Ravens and Commanders are schedule to play on Monday night. If I were John Harbaugh I would think about leaving Mark Andrews off the field in that game. The Ravens Mark Andrews Cheap Shot on Danny Johnson clearly crossed the line. I think Commanders players would take an opportunity to reciprocate should the opportunity present its self. [select-listicle listicle_id="136118" syndication_name="nfl-power-rankings-lions-crack-the-top-10" description="yes"]