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What Mavericks Need to Learn Moving Forward

Here is what the Mavericks need to learn moving forward from their NBA Finals loss to the Celtics. They need to be tougher. They need to be in better shape. They need to improve their supporting cast. Monday night the Celtics closed out the Mavericks in 5 games. This was not a close series. The gap between the champion Celtics and Mavs was not even close. The entire series seemed to be a five-on-two contest between the two teams. Anybody on the floor for the Celtics was capable of carrying their team. For the Mavs it was just Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving and they clearly could not carry the load by themselves. Kyrie Irving #11 of the Dallas Mavericks looks on during the second quarter of Game Five of the 2024 NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics at TD Garden on June 17, 2024 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) MAVERICKS NEED TO LEARN Throughout the series I thought the Celtics were the tougher team. Celtics players like MVP Jaylen Brown were tough as nails. Mavs players like Luka Doncic seemed to avoid contact at times. Speaking of Luka, I am not alone in saying this. He has to get in elite shape. He probably needs to drop about 15 pounds. In fairness, he played this series on a bad knee and by the end of the series he looked worn down. And finally, the Mavs need a stronger supporting cast. When you only have two star players going against a Celtics team full of elite defenders who you become easy to defend. The Mavs need a big offseason in order to compete at a higher level next season. But that will be a tall task. The Mavericks do not have a first round pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. In fact, they do not have a pick until the 58th and final pick of the draft. Yikes. So they will have to work some free agency magic. These are just a few things the Mavericks need to learn moving forward. For more reaction to the NBA Finals tune into Craig Shemon and Company each weekday from 2-6 on ESPN Southwest Florida.

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