Happy 43rd birthday Pac-Man !  Yes, the video game Pac-Man is 43 in America.  It was released on this day in 1980.  Does that make you feel old?  I'm sure it does!  Actually, the video game was released in Japan where it was created in 1979.  So, technically, Pac-Man is 44.  Never the less, Pac-Man was not a huge success in Japan until the game was released in the United States.  Orders for the arcade-style game flew off the charts!  In the first 15 months, US kids spent over a billion dollars in quarters to play the game.  Sadly, the 24 year old Japanese creator of the game did not profit from its success.  his creative rights belonged to NAMCO, the company he worked for. Back in the day we all played Pac-Man in arcades, in the mall, or in movie theatre lobbies.  So today we will celebrate Pac-Man with Pac-Man trivia during Wiki-Pete-ia on the Shemon and Sheppard Show on ESPN Southwest Florida. So, be lucky caller number 9 at 239-337-3776 or 239-337-ESPN and take on Pete for prizes.  We play Wiki-Pete-ia every weekday at 4:45 ish.  If you are not lucky enough to be caller number 9, then play at work or at home and impress your friends and family.  The questions and answers are below.  Good luck! Happy 43rd birthday Pac-Man ! -Craig Shemon ESPN Southwest Florida

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