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Must Haves

Must Haves

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For a show about nothing, a whole lot of something came out of it. Seinfeld was easily one of the best sitcoms of all time. And we decided that what’s a better way to show our love for the incredible comedy than by putting together a list of our favorite Seinfeld t-shirts.

  • 1) Little Jerry Cock Fighting Champion

    Little Jerry was the cock fighting champion we didn’t know we needed. Kramer had many, many crazy things that happened during the show, but this was definitely one of our favorites.

  • 2) Mandelbaum’s Gym

    Do you remember the time all the Mandelbaum men hurt themselves trying to prove how strong they were? Us too. True fans will definitely get the reference right away.

  • 3) Kramerica Industries

    Kramer’s fictional corporation where you make your own pizza restaurant has an oil bladder system and has other ventures like a restaurant where you can only get PB&Js.

  • 4) No Soup For You

    Of course, we were going to include the Soup Nazi!

  • 5) Puddy’s Auto Repair

    Ah, Puddy. Patrick Warburton played David Puddy, Jerry’s mechanic, and Elaine’s on-again, off-again love interest. So now you can have a tee inspired by his auto repair shop.

  • 6) Sponge Worthy

    So you think you’re sponge-worthy?” A very hilarious scene with Elaine and her current partner!

  • 7) Van Buren Boys

    Of course, Kramer and his crazy stories had to include a group of gang members who called themselves the Van Buren Boys after the former US President Martin Van Buren that were “just as mean as he was.”

  • 8) Vandelay Industries

    “Say Vandelay! Say Vandelay!” George running out of the bathroom and falling over his pants is probably one of my favorite moments in the entire show.

  • 9) Yada, Yada, Yada

    An iconic Seinfeld quote that was so impactful people are still using it to this day!

  • 10) Rochelle, Rochelle

    Well, you made a long journey from Milan to Minsk, Rochelle, Rochelle.” How can you not love this Bette Midler moment where Kramer brought her a macaroni sculpture of her singing?

  • 11) Uncle Leo’s Eyebrow Waxing

    Poor Uncle Leo. His eyebrows and many sections of his hair are singed off in a fireball explosion, but Elaine’s hilarious penciled-in version still makes us laugh very hard.

  • 12) Assman License Plate

    We’re just gonna leave this one here so you can watch it and reminisce.

  • 13) These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty

    Kramer gets a line in a Woody Allen movie and his line of course happens to be “These pretzels are making me thirsty.”

  • 14) Tim Whatley Dentistry

    Jerry’s dentist Tim Whatley, played by Bryan Cranston, has some very memorable moments on the show one of them being the time he converted to Judaism.

  • 15) Poppie’s Kitchen

    It may be a bit gross, but this is such a funny scene. Jerry takes a date to her father’s restaurants. And of course, he witnesses Poppie not washing his hands after coming out of the bathroom.

  • 16) The Jerk Store Called

    “Jerk store would have smoked that guy!” Because George couldn’t resist the “zinger” he thought he had, and of course, flew to Akron to just say the line anyway.

  • 17) Master of My Domain

    “The question is, are you still master of your domain?” Another great episode!

  • 18) Jackie Chiles Attorney At Law

    Remember Kramer’s lawyer, Jackie Chiles? “It’s outrageous, egregious, preposterous.” We absolutely love this one because it’s definitely something for the real fans of the show. 

  • 19) Monk’s Café

    And last, but certainly not least, how can you forget about the café where the gang hangs out a lot? So to remind you of this iconic place we gave you one of our favorite scenes where George interacts with one of the waitresses gives him the finger.

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