Must Haves

Must Haves

Must Haves

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If you’re like me, it’s hard to resist a cool coffee cup when you find one while traveling. On a trip to Vegas, I had breakfast at a diner called Blueberry Hill and their retro mugs just spoke to me. Next thing you know, I was buying one to take home and add to my own mug collection.   

I especially love it when I’m visiting someone’s home and when it comes time for coffee, it’s delivered in a mug adorned with a hilarious saying or design. The same thing for co-workers. Some of the cleverest coffee mugs I’ve seen have been in meetings where coffee mugs are plentiful. 

We’ve been in search of some rather clever mugs to help you freshen up your own coffee cup collection and have found a few that might just end up in your cabinet or on your desk. 

  • Fowl Language Bird Mug

    Covered with fine feathered friends with the dirtiest sounding names, this mug just makes us giggle.  You don’t have to be a bird enthusiast or fly the coop to get one of your very own.

  • Classic NYC Cup

    It’s the takeout deli coffee cup that you’ve seen in countless TV shows, movies, and perhaps even during a recent visit to New York City.  The classic blue and white Greek design of this 10-ounce cup will have you longing for the big city.

  • Gollum Mug

    Is this your new favorite coffee cup, my precious? Lord of the Rings fans will appreciate the handle that looks like golden ring.

  • Star Trek Transporter Mug

    Beam us up, Scotty! Check this out…when you add your favorite hot beverage to the must the team from the Star Ship Enterprise travels from the transporter room on one side of the mug to the planet surface on the other side. AWESOME! 

  • Minecraft Pickaxe Mug

    It’s one of the bestselling videogames in the world. Likely you, your kids or someone you know are all playing it. This 18-ounce Minecraft-themed mug will be the perfect accessory for a player while they explore and build in this digital world.

  • Spreadsheet Shortcut Mug

    If you find yourself dreaming of how to “fill down from the cell above,” this mug is for you! Featuring over a dozen Excel shortcutsthis mug will be the talk of the accounting department.

  • Recycle Bin Coffee Mug

    Here’s a mug that will have you wanting to recycle, re-use, and re-fill. Holding 12 ounces of your favorite beverage and measuring approximately 5 inches tall x 4 inches wide, don’t waste a moment in getting your own mug. 

  • Cool Car Guy Mug

    Make sure everyone at work knows that you’re not just one of the guys. You’re the cool car guy. You know things like there are around 30,000 parts that make up the average automobile.

  • Shakespearean Insults Mug

    Trying to cut down on swearing this year? You might just want to look at some of the classic insults from one of the world’s most famous writers. This mug features 30 Shakespearean insults including this ditty, “Thou art a boil, a plague sore.” Ouch…that’s one serious burn. 

  • Friends Mugs A Go-Go

    It’s the one about the coffee mug. Actually, it’s the one about four mugs that feature iconic lines from Friends. I’m a fan of the way the mugs stack in the chrome-plated frame. 

  • Judging You Mug

    Oh, the number of times this coffee mug would have come in handy! You may want to pick one up for you and a friend so you can make an experience of enjoying coffee and judging.

  • Color Map Mug

    What a fun way to track your travels around the country or the world! Simply color the state or county that you’ve visited and then set in the color by baking the mug in the oven (directions included). 

  • Mandalorian Mug

    If you’re looking for a mug that will hold the largest amount of coffee you need to get through a busy day traveling the galaxy, this mug is for you. Designed to look like Din Djarin’s helmetit’s a Must Have for any true Star Wars fan.

  • Cinnamon Walnut Cake

    Now that you’ve found the coffee cup of your dreams, all you need is a little somethingsomething that goes with a nice, hot beverage. Voila! How about a piece of this scrumptious Cinnamon Walnut Cake from Double-layered cake made with fresh farm eggs, sour cream, and pure bourbon vanilla with a cinnamon streusel and whole walnuts. Yes, please!

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