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Must Haves

Must Haves

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Would you consider yourself a food connoisseur? A master at picking out the best restaurants or finding the most delicious food? How about a professional snacker? If you fit into any of those categories or even somewhere in between, then you’re probably a foodie. Which means you’re in the perfect spot because we have the most amazing list of Must Have foodie finds that you’re going to want to grab for yourself right away. From wearables to items that will rock your kitchen, check out these cool foodie items that you should indulge in.

  • Betty Bossi Sauce Maker

    If you’re a foodie like us, you’re going to lose your marbles over this Must Have! Get ready to make your own homemade sauces with this Betty Bossi Maker. In just a few minutes you’re going to be transforming your kitchen into a Michelin-star restaurant by making your own house-made mayo, hollandaise, salad dressing, dip, and so much more. This sauce maker is super compact which makes it perfect for creating new sauces on the spot. The best part is this little guy comes with a recipe booklet so if you’re ever out of ideas of what to make they’ve got your covered. 

  • Chop It Like It’s Hot Tote Bag

    For the most sophisticated of food connoisseurs, may we present to you this “Chop It Like It’s Hot” tote bag. Realistically, we know that this is a Must Have for anyone with a delightful sense of humor. But it’s even better when you take food seriously. Hey, who knows, maybe this will even become one of your reusable grocery bags for when you’re perusing the meat and cheese section. 

  • Restaurant Cheese Grater

    Live out your best Olive Garden-style life at home with this restaurant-style cheese grater. I mean who doesn’t love freshly grated parmesan on their pasta? To me, this seems like the most logical buy in the world. It’s so much easier to use than a regular cheese grater because there’s less work involved with the incredible easy-to-use crank on the side.

  • Sweet Kit

    Have a bit of a sweet tooth? Us too! Which means we’re practically drooling over this Sweet Kit. This assortment of deliciously sweet treats is sure to fulfill your sweets craving in a jiffyThe kit includes assorted Nabisco Cookie Packs, Popcornopolis Zebra Popcorn, Skittles, Hi Chew, Strawberry Pocky Sticks, Rice Krispies Treats, Fruit by the Foot, and so much more. 

  • Pho Sho T-Shirt

    We couldn’t help ourselves! This one was too cute and funny to not add. Pho is one of my favorite dishes. It’s just so yummy that when people ask if you enjoy it you want to make this “Pho Sho” pun too. This is a great gift for the foodie in your life, or maybe just something you want to treat yourself with. 

  • Bacon Bin Grease Holder

    It’s out of the frying pan and into the… shoot, where do I put this grease? My mom always told me that putting grease down the drain was really bad for your pipes. Sowe always had some sort of jar lying around that we would fill up with bacon grease. I love this little holder for a lot of reasons, but the main two are: 1) it’s adorable and pig-shaped 2) it’s there’s a strainer on the top to help you catch any large pieces of bacon that shouldn’t be added to your grease container. It’s also conveniently dishwasher, fridge, freezer, oven, and microwave safe. 

  • Foodie Dice Game

    Wow this is so cool! Ever have one of those nights where you want to shake up (pun intended) your meal? For foodies looking to try something new every now and then this fun dice game has over 186,000 meal combinations. Like, what?! That’s an insane number of possibilities.


    It includes 5 primary dice with various proteins, cooking methods, grains/carbs, herbsand bonus ingredient options as well as 4 seasonal veggie dice. These are also vegetarian and vegan friendly, as the protein die include meat and veggie options on both sides. 

  • “I Like Long, Romantic Walks To The Fridge” Lunch Tote

    I Like Long, Romantic Walks To The Fridge Lunch Tote

    What foodie doesn’t like “long romantic walks” to their fridge? This is a Must Have lunch tote for any food loverYou’ll be showing off more than just your taste in food with this super fun, brightly colored lunch tote when you walk into the office.  

  • Sushi Socks

    I think you’ve officially made it as a foodie when you start wearing what you eat, right? These sushi socks are super fun and adorable. It will make the perfect gift for any foodie out there. 

  • Dumpling Press

    Okay, in all fairness, this one is more for me than anyone else, because I just love dumplings so much but I’m so terrible at getting the proper pressing and folding technique down. This dumpling press from Sur La Table makes it look so much easier. It crimps the edges with a tight seal so all that yummy meat and veggie goodness doesn’t come out while the dumplings steam in your steamer. 

  • Take Out Dice

    In case you need a night off from cooking and you want to explore some of the take out options in your area, try these take out dice. This will help you narrow down your options by helping you pick the type of food you will be sampling for the evening. These options include pizza, Hot Pot, ramen, tacos, kabobs, burgers, and chicken. 

  • “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese” Dish Towel

    If you’re not singing along to this one in your head, you’re lying to yourself. We LOL-ed really hard when we saw this. This is the perfect little knick-knack that will fit well in any foodie kitchen. Not only will your guests get a kick out of it, but you’ll likely give them a lifelong loop of “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics stuck in their heads. 

  • Sriracha Keychain

    Let’s face it: I want the sriracha keychain, you want the sriracha keychain, everyone wants the sriracha keychain. And why is that you may ask? Because it’s incredibly innovative and we have no idea why we didn’t think of it before. Take your sriracha on the go with you. Now no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have your sriracha keychain you will be living in a hot sauce paradise. 

  • Cheeseburger Cellphone Holder/Stand

    How fun is this? For all you cheeseburger lovers out there, here’s a nifty little find. This cellphone holder and stand is a great fit for those foodies who want something cool and unique. The coolest part about this is how slim it is. When not in use, the cellphone holder lies flat against your phone, and when you’re ready to use it just push up the center piece and use it as a secure holder or for propping up your phone. 

  • French Fry Fidget Pop Toy

    What goes best with burgers? You guessed it, French fries. And we all know that fidget toys like these are super great for helping you calm down and relax the mind. What a perfect combo! 

  • Tricerataco Dinosaur Taco Holder

    We’ve all seen your basic taco holder, but have you ever seen anything this Jurassic? Even though that was a horrible pun, we’re sticking to it. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a dinosaur taco holder. And who wouldn’t want to own one of these just to say they do. 

  • Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich Kit

    Just call me the Cookie Monster because I could seriously devour this idea. If you’re an ice cream sandwich lover, run don’t walk to get your hands on this ice cream sandwich kit. You’ll get 4 pints of ice cream, 24 cookies, and 2 different toppings to get you started on your ice cream cookie-making adventure. All you have to do is pick two ice cream and cookie flavor combos and then it’s off to the races. 

  • Tension Board Game – Foodies Edition

    Quick, name 10 breakfast cereals that begin with the letter B! Just kidding, but that’s the jest of this super fun game. This game comes with 200 different naming challenges all related to foodies. From celebrity chefs to foods of the world, you and your friends will have a blast playing this game.

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