She’s back. That Youtuber that loves to tell us what’s wrong with cities has once again graced us with a travel feature on Fort Myers. This time she mixed it up a little by also giving us 5 good things about Fort Myers. Pros and Cons. There seemed to be a lot more anger in her first video. If you missed it, that’s here.

So why do we listen? In just 4 months she’s grown her Youtube Channel about 50%. 36 thousand subscribers and millions of views. That’s an even greater increase than the appraisal that showed up on my property tax form last week. Ove 11 thousand views on her last Fort Myers video. People must be listening. Right? Apparently they must have revisited Fort Myers this month. So they updated their original list of 10 reasons you should not move to Fort Myers, Florida, and added some good things.  Judging by the overwhelming flow of people migrating to the area, I’m guessing not many people have seen this video. So I’m gonna share it. Not because I agree with everything they say, but because I’d love it if less people moved here. I’ve been here 20 years and absolutely love it here. But wow, our roads were just not built to handle this many people.

Sometimes I wonder if all these northerners are coming here and they’re just too complacent. There were zero named storms to hit Florida last hurricane season. That’s why they don’t run back up north during the summer anymore. Also, it was hot up there, too. I think it hit 102 degrees in Iowa.

So what’s her problem with us this time and why do we need a second travel feature on Fort Myers? Have a listen.


  • If you can’t listen, here’s what she has to say:

  • Pro 1: Schools

    Most schools.

  • Con 1: Too Many People

    Compared to Miami? Not even close.

  • Pro 2: Water Fun

    Not sure how golf is water fun. But ok.

  • Con 2: HOA Fees

    Ok, I’m probably gonna agree with this one.

  • Pro 3: Weather

    300 sunny days a year.

  • Con 3: Hurricanes

    Apparently we live in constant fear.

  • Pro 4: Historic

    Sure. I live near Koreshan Park. I love telling that story to tourists.

  • Con 4: Crime

    I love the line: “The good news is, criminals aren’t interested in stealing your property.” Ha.

  • Pro 5: Location

    She says the main pro to Fort Myers is that it’s close to driving someplace else.

  • Con 5: Flat AF

    Are ready for this level of flat? Yes. I am. We have that one hill at the Estero Park. I’m good.

  • If you missed the original:

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