The title of “mom” is one of the most important in the world. It’s tough enough when moms have a partner, however, as a single woman, it can be overwhelming. Mom’s have a lot of responsibilities and challenges, even more so if they are going it along. There are a few surprises on a new list from Lawn Starter, when considering some of those challenges. In research that spans the country, Florida did not do so well when it comes to a supportive environment for these women. Here, we unveil the worst Southwest Florida city for single moms. It actually ranks as the worst city in the Sunshine State as a whole.

Mom and child

Florida ranks low on the list of states where there are programs and services to assist single moms.

It is Cape Coral. Generally speaking, Florida did not fare well on the list. Neither did Texas.

200 of the nations most populated cities were evaluated on 36 key metrics to determine the rankings. Some of this factors include safe, affordable cities with ample child care and community support. Also considered is the availability of high-quality education, health insurance and health care. In addition, crime, water quality and a decent work-life balance are some of the considerations on this list.

Worst cities for single moms

If you are looking for one bit of good news, at least Cape Coral did not rank dead last for single moms. It came in eighth from last. Detroit was the number one worst. Following Detroit is a long list of Texas cities: Pasadena, Carrollton, Brownsville, Mesquite, Garland and Houston.

One of the reason this report is important is that four in 10 children reside in a single-parent home. Single moms make up nearly 80% of total U.S. single-parent households.

Now that you know the worst Southwest Florida city for single moms, what are the best? Well, none in Southwest Florida made the top ten of this list. Check out the results here.

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