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As the Major League Baseball season really begins to heat up, we as the fans are stating to separate the contenders from the pretenders. And I’m not talking about the play on the field. I’m talking about drinking. Today we’re talking about which major league stadiums have the drunkest fans. My guess would have been Chicago, based on this video from a Cubs game. There’s no way beer wasn’t involved in that brawl. But there’s another factor – pregaming. How many of these fans just show up destroyed based on the price of beers at the stadiums. And then I was on to something.

With what is currently the most clicked on article on this site this year, I did “The Price of Beer at Every Major League Baseball Stadium“. And if you haven’t already seen that list, do so. Very eye opening. It’s a list of the lowest price beer you can get at each stadium. And that’s where we find the correlation. Stadiums that charge less for beer, sell more beer.

The staff at at nyonlinegambling.com, surveyed more than 2,000 sports fans to find out who they think drinks the most at games and who can’t hold their liquor. They found the average drinking fan has 2.62 beers per game which, on average, is $18.13.

Let’s take a look at different MLB stadiums and the average amount of beers each drinking fan has per game. As a bonus, after the list we’ll take a look at which stadium’s fans do the most pregaming and which fans miss at least some of the game do to drinking too much. That category includes, heading to the bathroom to throw up, passing out in your seat, or if you’re from Chicago – getting thrown out for fighting.

Ok, on with it: Which Major League Baseball Fans Drink The Most? I’ll list the home stadium, and the average amount of drinks a fan has per game.

  • 3. St. Louis Cardinals 3.05

  • 4. Baltimore Orioles 3.02

  • 5. Washington Nationals 3.00

  • 6. Houston Astros 2.95

  • 8. Oakland Athletics 2.90

  • 9. New Yorks Mets 2.82

  • 10. New York Yankees 2.80

  • 11. Los Angeles Dodgers 2.76

  • 12. Chicago Cubs 2.73


  • 13. Detroit Tigers 2.68

  • 14. Milwaukee Brewers 2.67

  • 15. Boston Red Sox 2.66

  • 16. Minnesota Twins 2.56

  • 17. Atlanta Braves 2.54

  • 18. Seattle Mariners 2.52

  • 19. Texas Rangers 2.47

  • 20. Chicago White Sox 2.47

  • 22. Toronto Blue Jays 2.42

  • 23. Philadelphia Phillies 2.41

  • 24. San Francisco Giants 2.34

  • 25. Kansas City Royals 2.32

  • 26. Arizona Diamondbacks 2.30

  • 27. Los Angeles Angels 2.25

  • 28. San Diego Padres 2.20

  • 29. Cleveland Guardians 2.19

  • 30. Pittsburgh Pirates 2.19

  • So, who's not buying because they're showing up drunk? And who's passing out during the game?

  • Methodology

    From March 30 to April 1, NYOnlineGambling  surveyed 2,029 sports fans to get their feedback on MLB fans and their drinking habits. Respondents ranged in age from 21 to 85 with an average age of 39. 50% were male and 50% were female.

  • Here's the article that started me down this path

    The Price of Beer at Every Major League Baseball Stadium