Endangered, rare and spectacular parrots endemic to New Zealand

Good day kids.  Well Wednesday isn’t just Prince Spaghetti Day anymore, it’s also Wednesday Wisdom Fun Fact day on the Shemon and Sheppard Show at 5:30pm.  You never know what me, and the Fun Fact minions are going to come up with.  There are multiple topics and genres and nothing and I mean nothing is off limits!  Here’s a little sample of what is to come today!

Apparently, people live really really really really long in Japan.

6 minutes might be exaggerating just a bit.

And this bird has the right idea, but is missing out on his execution.

If you need to see a few more, here ya go!

Here’s today’s Wednesday Wisdom

  • The Century-Old Club is big in Japan!!

  • Sorry honey, I need to phone a friend

  • Once you go Kakapo you never go back?

  • Also on today's show.....

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