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Welcome to the Twitter Police Sunshine State Edition Wednesday recap..

All of our listeners know that every Tuesday we have this feature on our show, Shemon and Sheppard, at 3:45pm…Basically it’s a bunch of nut jobs from our great state doing incredibly or acting incredibly stupid.. I will provide at least three highlights recapping yesterday’s feature just in case you missed it..(Now that’s impossible right?).. It really takes a certain-special someone to make me highlight you on Tuesdays on our show.. I didn’t want to do it, but as Twitter Police, thought I owed it to our listeners..(me imitating Judge Elihu Smails from Caddyshack) … Please don’t try any of these things at home.. If you need more highlights, you can find them here..


  • Highlight number one

    This first one kind of reminded me about a scene in “Meet the Fockers” where the urn containing Jack’s mom’s remains gets knocked over and Jinxie the cat decides to do his business in the fallen ashes…This isn’t quite the same thing but nevertheless you get the idea don’t you?

  • Highlight number two

    I never thought I would ever hear about someone eating pasta “inappropriately”, let alone in Naples..Ft. Myers Beach at 3am possibly but this is outrageous!!

  • Highlight number three

    Nothing worse than getting charged with a DUI while driving a scooter..Somehow, this numnut managed to achieve what many believe was impossible..Cheers!!