Exploring new places is a favorite summer past time. However, flying is not always easy. There are many reasons. For starters, flights are packed and overhead bin space is at a premium. And don’t get me started on baggage fees. To help you out, here are a few summer travel hacks for your next flight on this TikTok Tuesday.

If you are on social media, your feeds are probably full of friends’ vacation photos. In addition, prolific posters love to share tips ranging from best ways to get upgraded on a flight to best ways to fit that extra pair of shoes in your carry on, and everything in between.

Busy airport terminal at RSW

RSW was not busy coming home yesterday but it was leaving. Good to know some of these travel hacks for flying.

Travel Hacks

I just returned from a trip, and have more still to come this summer. I’ve been paying close attention to these videos. Every now and then I get some great new ideas. Also, there are some oldies but goodies that are sometimes forgotten about. I’ve gathered the top five videos that crossed my feed while sitting in the airport yesterday and posted them here. Perhaps one or two will help you with your upcoming travel.

It is not necessary to have a TikTok account to view these. I did the leg work work with mine.  Scroll down and hit the arrow to play. It is that easy. In addition, they are all office friendly as well. Who knows, you might learn something new or one might inspire an even better idea that you can in turn share. Please enjoy these summer travel hacks for your next flight. Safe travels, wherever you are heading this season.

Now if there were just an app teaching some fliers how to be more courteous….

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