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If you’re having a baby next year and starting to think about names, here are the top baby names for 2023.

I don’t have kids of my own, but I imagine coming up with a name for your baby has got to be very difficult. It has a name that you personally like, and also one that they will be called for the rest of their life. That’s a lot of pressure! I’ve heard some great stories about the origins of people’s names. I have a friend named after her mom’s favorite actress. Other named after a family member. Some parents name their child a name they always wanted, but weren’t named themselves.

I get asked all the time how my parents came up with my name. My dad is Estonian and my mom is Irish, so they decided we’d get Estonian first names and Irish middle names. My dad read my mom names from embassy lists in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania until she heard one she liked. As soon as she heard Marija, she knew that’s what my name would be.

What’s on the list?

Nameberry put together a list of the top baby names for 2023. Their picks include a variety of styles, eras, genders and popularity levels. These are names they THINK will be popular next year. So if you’ve never heard of some of these, they predict next year you will. It’s pretty diverse, and maybe you just need to see a name to know it’s exactly what you want for your future bundle of joy.

I have to admit, some of these I definitely raised an eyebrow to, especially the reason why. And you might too. But to each their own. There truly is something on the list for everyone.

The Top 23 Baby Names For 2023:

  • Alden

    “It feels charming, understated, old-school, a little bit woodsy”

  • Archie

    “Harry and Meghan’s son’s name”

  • Billie

    “In addition to Billie Eilish, boyish nicknames for girls are hot”

  • Breland

    “There’s an up-and-coming singer-songwriter named Breland”

  • Celeste

    “Feminine without frills”

  • Cosmo

    “Scarlett Johansson’s son’s name”

  • Elio

    “It has a cool O ending, a liquid sound and international appeal”

  • Everest

    “A natural successor to popular Everett, but with a cool twist”

  • Halston

    “It appeals because it’s unisex and has a modern sound”

  • Jolene

    “Retro and quirky, and it comes with a built-in lullaby”

  • Linus

    “Beyond Peanuts, it’s an early pope’s name, and before that, the name of the mythological inventor or rhythm and poetry”

  • Louise

    “A stylish, vintage name…and the on-trend ‘Lu’ sound”

  • Luxury

    “The obvious next step from Lux, which is becoming popular”

  • Marigold

    “Parents have been seeking offbeat nature names”

  • Noah (as a girl's name)

    “It feels like the secret’s out”

  • Omri

    “A fresh Biblical option with soft sounds”

  • Romy

    “Romy has such a rich sound, caramel sauce rich”

  • Rose

    “A go-to middle name…but being used more as a first”

  • Sayer

    “Originally an occupational name for someone who went around reciting poetry and news, before newspapers and universal education”

  • Sunday

    “An influencer family could be giving this name a spike”

  • Tru

    “Part modern virtue, part vintage nickname…and streamlined”

  • Wilde

    “It has a surname-y edge to temper the wildness of the word”

  • Yuna

    “It shares the sounds with the ultra-popular Luna…but much of its appeal lies in the fact that it’s a multicultural mini-name”

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