Although naming your baby after a car seems to be more prevalent in boys, many parents choose to name their girls after cars, too. Boys names such as Austin, Cooper, Lincoln, and Bentley are all pretty common, especially here in Florida. Whether their parents have fond memories of owning one of these cars, or maybe it’s just always been their dream car. Those are all solid names. But, as data shows, parents are five times more likely to name their new born son after a car, rather than a daughter. But why are car inspired baby names for girls less common?

One side note, why aren’t more boys named after trucks? Why not name your kid “Ram”, “Silverado”, “Titan”, or “F-150”. There is another truck name, Sierra, that’s actually gender-neutral, but didn’t make it on to the top 10.

Car Inspired Baby Names For Girls

So, you’ve decided to name your baby girl after a car. We’re here to help. The first basic rule is luxury. Kia was once a somewhat common girl’s name, but now that there’s a car manufacturer of the same name, it is less so. If you want your kid to be associated with high-end, choosing a luxury car name is the best option. Here in Southwest Florida, there’s a Ferrari dealership in Naples. Just about any car on that lot would be a suitable name. Most of the cars there cost more than a house.

One notable girls name that didn’t make the list was Porsche. Perhaps the Nelly song from 2013 is a deterrent. When he sang “Hey little Porsche, I wanna try ya  Crazy baby girl, there ain’t nothing like you  Hey little Porsche, so right I had to get ya  B-b-back it up, let’s roll, roll, roll, roll”

Was Nelly talking about a car? I’m not entirely certain. Let’s get to the top 10.

  • 10. Hudson

    Although the Hudson Motor Company was sold in 1954, the name still carries on. Hudson is really a much more common name for boys, but it’s starting to catch on for girls. But, it’s definitely a more masculine sounding name. That hard “Hud” followed by “son”. The most famous Hudson (that I know of) is Doc Hudson, the Hudson Hornet who appears in the 2006 Pixar film ‘Cars’. Doc won 3 Piston Cups.

  • 9. Lincoln

    This is another cross-over. Lincoln has commonly been a boys name, but it’s becoming more popular with girls. Lincoln is the luxury brand of Ford and has been around a long time. The rub, however, on naming your baby girl Lincoln is the obvious male references of Abraham Lincoln, and of course, the Lincoln Lawyer. People with the name Lincoln are usually given the nickname “Link”. Not sure that’s a problem, just seems to be what happens.

  • 8. Tesla

    Although the first two are classics, Tesla makes the list at number 8. Although it could be that some parents are naming their kid after the famous inventor, Nicola Tesla, it’s more likely they are fans of the car. Did you see Elon Musk has implanted a brain chip into a human? The idea is that your thoughts can be interpreted by the computer and then processed. I have a lot of weird thoughts. I don’t think I need this. But if you want to name your baby Tesla, that’s at number 8 on the list.

  • 7. Cooper

    At number 7 we’re getting into some more common names for girls. I even knew a woman named Cooper. The name is following a trend of first names that sound like they should be your last name. (surnames as first names). When I think “Cooper” I think MINI Cooper. A cool little car. Did you know? The Cooper is actually a luxury brand of BMW. Even I learned something today. I think Cooper is a fine name.

  • 6. Austin

    The Austin-Healey was a popular British sports car back in the 1950’s-60’s. Strangely enough, The great spy Austin Powers drove a Jaguar. Seems like a missed opportunity. The name Austin means ‘great’ or ‘magnificent’. It’s been primarily a boys name in the past, but if you name your little girl Austin you won’t be completely alone. According to nameberry, there were 176 female Austins born in the US in 2022.


    British businesswoman and racing driver Jean Denton (1935-2001) posed with her and Sandy Lawson’s Austin-Healey Sprite Mark III car before the start of a stage of the 1970 RAC Rally on 14th November 1970. (Photo by Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

  • 5. Bentley

    Bentley is definitely another name you could use for boys or girls. I’m a fan of British made vehicles and I must say that I absolutely love the Bentley cars. When I see one on the road I always take notice. We’re definitely getting into high end vehicles, and if you ever wondered “why are Bentleys so expensive?” It’s because they are made by hand.

  • 4. Lexus

    This is the luxury brand of Toyota, and chances are you’ve met someone, somewhere, named Lexus. Or heard of someone. But actually, it’s popularity isn’t strong right now. In 2021 there were only 27 baby girls named Lexus. But, if you love your Lexus IS 350 F-Sport, there’s no reason you can’t name your child Lexus. The name means “man’s defender”.

  • 3. Devin

    Going way back on this one. Devin Sports Cars was primarily 1955-1964, but the name still exists today. I’m guessing most people who name their kid Devin don’t even realize that it was a car back in the day. Not to be confused with divan, which is a sofa. Also not to be confused with Devon, who was in the Babysitter’s Club. 90’s Kids!

  • 2. Mercedes

    A huge jump in popularity from number 3 to number 2. Mercedes has Spanish origins and means “mercy’. Datayze claims that “1 out of every 9,415 baby girls born in 2021 are named Mercedes.” So it’s not too common, but also not unusual at all, particularly in Hispanic areas. The name sounds beautiful in conversation – plus it’s a pretty nice car. 

  • 1. Morgan

    Number one on the list is a name that is so common, I didn’t realize it’s a car name. Morgan cars began production in 1909 and are still being made today. Just not a lot of them. Because they produce less than 1,000 cars per year there’s a waiting list. From 6 months up to 10 years. So if you want to get your little Morgan a Morgan automobile, you better plan ahead. That car is crazy beautiful. 

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