Deli, a black Labrador Retriever puppy (L) and Ziva, a German Shepherd puppy attend as American Kennel Club announces Most Popular Dogs in the U.S. (Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for AKC)

National Pet Day is on April 11, so let’s take a look at what breed you’re most likely to see at the dog parks in Florida. Pets come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s one type of lovable fluff-balls the team at Shane Co. was thrilled to study this week — puppies!!! Using the American Kennel Club’s top 38 dog breeds, they pulled Google Trends data to track searches over the last five years. They specifically pulled results for puppy preferences, not dogs in general, to find out which puppy breed Florida has been searching for most! And then we’ll know the most popular puppy breed in Florida. Science!

If you live for the hilarious antics and mischievous hijinks puppies bring, you’re not alone! A record 3.6 million Americans tuned into the Puppy Bowl this year. If you missed it, Team Fluff brought home the “Lombarky” trophy after beating out Team Ruff 87 to 83.

With all this puppy love in the air, we decided to unleash our doggedly determined research team and em-bark on a mission to find out each U.S. state’s favorite puppy breed. We made a list of popular dog breeds and took a deep dive into Google Trends to sniff out which puppies were getting the most love in each state.

From the majestic mountains of Alaska to the sun-kissed shores of Florida, we’re about to bring on a whole new level of puppy pandemonium. So grab your leash and your favorite squeaky toy, and get ready to explore the United States of Puppy Love!

  • The Most Popular Breed in Every U.S. State

    Graphic displaying the most popular puppy breed in every U.S. state

  • California may be the only state that puts Frenchie puppies on a pedestal, but with their big ears, short hair, and bold personalities, they have fans from coast to coast. These compact and sturdy pups are always up for a good time, whether they’re chasing a ball or snuggling up on your lap for a Netflix marathon.

    Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, Siberian Huskies enjoy top-dog status and live their best lives. With their thick coats and specially adapted paws, these pups feel right at home during those chilly Wisconsin winters. And while they may look like they’re constantly thinking about their next sled race, these intelligent and friendly companions are just as happy to curl up with you by the fireplace (as long as they can still see the snow).

    Down in humid subtropical South Carolina, it’s no wonder that Pit Bulls are having a moment! The loyal and loving short-haired breed with the legendary zest for life is right at home in hot climates and just as happy to take a dip in the lake as they are playing catch with their favorite person.

    As for the other states with unique puppy preferences, Rhode Island is all about the Shiba Inu, Nevada’s got a thing for Pugs, Mississippi is crazy about Rottweilers, and Colorado loves their Greyhounds.

  • The Most Popular Puppy in Every U.S. Region

    Graphic displaying the most popular puppy breed in every U.S. region

  • For Midwesterners, Chow Chows are top dog. With their sturdy build and fluffy coat, these pups can handle anything the Midwest throws at them (even a polar vortex!). And let’s not forget their loyalty and protectiveness. Like the good folks of the Midwest, they always look out for family and community!

    Golden Retriever puppies are the clear favorite in the Northeast. The region experiences a wide range of weather conditions, and Retrievers have a double coat that helps them stay warm in the cold months and cool in the summer. But let’s be honest: their popularity probably has more to do with their friendly, loyal nature. A Golden Retriever will stick with you through thick and thin, no matter how many snowstorms or heat waves come your way.

    In the South, there’s no clear winner between Cane Corsos and Dachshund puppies. Cane Corsos are big, muscular dogs that will fiercely protect their family, while Dachshunds are small, spunky pups that love to play. It’s like choosing between a linebacker and a cheerleader — both have their strengths, but which one you pick says a lot about you.

    Out West, Border Collies and Corgis share the doggy throne. These pups are perfect for the ranching lifestyle still common in the region. Border Collies are like the Einstein of dogs, with their high intelligence and problem-solving skills, while Corgis are the life of the party, with their big, friendly, outgoing personalities (and love of napping). But no matter which one you choose, you’ll have a loyal and enthusiastic pup by your side!

    Zooming out, Golden Retriever puppies won the national title of America’s favorite puppy, claiming six U.S. states. But don’t count out Siberian Huskies. They’re nipping at the heels of Golden Retrievers with the top spot in four states. Chow Chows and English Bulldogs tied for the third most searched puppy breed, with each securing the top vote in three states.

  • Methodology

    To determine the most popular puppy breeds in each U.S. state, we looked to the American Kennel Club to determine the top 38 dog breeds. Next, we used Google Trends data to track searches over the last five years (2018 – 2023). It’s important to note that we researched puppy preferences, not dogs in general.

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