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These Vehicles Are Most Targeted For Car Theft In Florida

Florida is one of the top 10 states with the highest vehicle theft rates in the US. But you may be wondering which vehicles these thieves are targeting.

All over the news lately we’ve been hearing about catalytic converter thefts. People are walking out to their cars to find it’s not starting up quite the same as before. If you hear a loud sound, smelly exhaust or a sluggish acceleration, that could be the first sign that it’s been stolen. You may be thinking..of all things, why the catalytic converter? The reason these bad guys want to get their hands on them is because the precious metals they’re made out of, palladium, rhodium and platinum, are getting more expensive so they’re worth more.

Not only are they valuable, but they also are pretty easy to steal. If they’re pros, they can slide under your car and remove it with a small saw in a minute or less. But you can prevent this from happening. They do sell catalytic converter anti-theft devices. You can also engrave your VIN number on the catalytic converter which will then make it harder to sell because it traces back to your car.

Carfax has put together a list of the most targeted vehicles for these thefts. If you own one of these makes and models, you’ll want to be extra vigilant. If your catalytic converter does happen to be stolen, it’s not a cheap fix. They run anywhere from $2000-$3000 to replace.

Top 10 Most Targeted Vehicles in Florida:

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