It happens today. Netflix releases the third season of Emily in Paris. Time for a new binge. Fans sometimes wonder, if the show was real, what the true cost of Emily in Paris lavish lifestyle would be.

About Emily in Paris and her lifestyle

Emily is a young marketing professional who, by default, ends up at her firm’s sister office in Paris. She is not exactly met with open arms by her abrasive Parisian boss. In addition, the office antics are quite humorous. Between the demands of the job and French versus American ideals and customs, there are all  kinds of miscommunications and mishaps. Some are cringe worthy.

Finally, there are love triangles. The men are adorable. They are hot, and the escapades are fun to watch. As a fan, you are always routing for Emily to find love and acceptance.

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris cast members, Lucas Bravo, Camille Razat, Samuel Arnold, and Lucien Laviscount attend the Emily In Paris French Consulate Red Carpet.

But perhaps the thing that most people talk about is the fashion, the parties, and the shots of Paris. Sometimes it’s over the top. Sometime it’s dreamy. Remember how New York City was a secondary character in Sex in the City? It is similar with this show. In fact, the creator is the same for both shows.

The experts at New Casinos did the math to figure out Emily’s annual spending compared to her salary. Her salary is estimated to be $46,980.95. However, her clothing and accessories alone blow any budget. According to this report,  they are estimated to top $76,795. Look up the Vassilis Zoulias yellow printed jacket from the fourth episode of season two. This report says it costs $53,987.96.

The number crunching is in Euros. We did the rough math to convert it into dollars.  Here is how the lavish lifestyle of Emily breaks down.

  • Drinks

    The nightlife in this show is top notch. Emily is always exploring it. And it cost about $1.295.71 a year considering two cocktails a week. I think that is under represented. But I didn’t do the research.

  • Dining out

    I think this could be under represented as well considering some of the costs of dining out in Paris. $3,239.28 is the cost with the assumption she dines out twice a week.

  • Morning Coffee

    This number is not so high. When you think about how much you might spend running through a coffee shop drive thru every morning. $228

  • Clothing

    Emily’s fashion is crazy. We see here in Prada, Christian Louboutin, Valentino, all the luxury brands and she wears it all well. $76,795.40 annually.

  • Transportation

    Looking at Emily’s taxi from her apartment to work and back, which is about six kilometers would cost $2,947.74

  • Rent

    This model takes a 900 square foot furnished apartment in an expensive part of the city and found it to be $33,127.84

  • Utilities

    Pretty straight forward. About $2,372.40 a month.

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