The Top Halloween Candies You Can Steal from Your Kids Guilt Free.

All of us adore Halloween. Many parents will take their children trick-or-treating this evening. They will stay out later than is appropriate. When they go home, they’ll rip off their costumes and start digging through their candy stash.

Halloween Night:

They stuff as many sweets as they can fit in their hands and down their throats, it goes. Due to the powerful sugar rush, they bounce off the walls and stay up later than usual. However, we don’t mind as parents. That’s because we already know that those bags will contain candy that kids don’t desire. Sure, a parent might notice at least three to five Reese’s peanut butter cups, that are going to mysteriously disappear.

If the child isn’t paying attention, possibly more. In my home, that is referred to as the “daddy tax.” Let’s instead talk about the sweets they don’t like. As a grownup, There aren’t many sweets that I don’t enjoy. I won’t stop until my blood sugar monitor tells me to quit eating! Because free Halloween candy is the best!

Top Candies:

So, if you really want to steal candy from your child’s Halloween bag without feeling bad about it, here is a list of the best candies. They won’t miss them. I promise.
Dove dark chocolate bars, Baby Ruth bars, almond joys, and Butterfingers are among the candy your kids are less likely to care about, according to the wonderful people at YouGov. Oh, how I wish that was my home!

According to a recent survey, these are the best Halloween candies that your children won’t mind if you steal. Additionally, I know a man who will gladly remove those Baby Ruth candies from your hands if you truly don’t want them. Also, Did you hear the rumor about those candy-coated chocolates? Yes! The ones with the letters on them! Ya know the red-dyed ones? Not good man. You shouldn’t eat those. I’ll tell ya what. Give them to me and I’ll get rid of them for you…

  • Dove Dark Chocolate Bars.

    Great Job Martha Stewart.

  • Andes Chocolate Mints.

    Tastes Like Gram Gram’s Candy Dish.

  • Almond Joys.

    It’s 2022. You do you.

  • Mixed nuts. Any one who hands that out to kids is just nuts.

    Hollyweird. Full of Nuts.

  • Baby Ruth bars.

    That’s totally how I feel about Baby Ruth Bars.


  • Butterfingers.

    No Butterfingers in this bag?! D’oh!!

  • Mints.

    What kind of monster hands these out as candy?

  • Heath Bars.

    Before you eat English Toffee… Remember English Teeth.

  • York Peppermint Patties.

    Think before you bite.

  • Whatchamacallits.

    I hated this commercial as a kid. Not much has changed.

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