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1994 Noriyuki "Pat" Morita As Mr. Miyagi And Hilary Swank As Julie Pierce In "The Next Karate Kid." (Photo By Getty Images)

Before I get to my my top 5+ worst sequels of all time, I just want to acknowledge. A couple of days ago, Olivia Newton-John passed away after a long battle with cancer.  Her legacy in music and in film will never be forgotten. Before I get started, I just want to share a few old pictures I have.



We all remember how great she was in Grease.  However, the sequel, Grease 2, which Newton-John was not in was just awful.

Here are my top 5+ worst sequels of all time in no particular order and if your favorite floppy sequel isn’t here try this!!




  • Grease 2


    The original Grease in my opinion is absolutely one of the greatest “musical” movies of all time.  And for the record, I’m not a fan of musicals in the movies in general but I loved the original Grease.  Grease 2 however, I’ll dump my popcorn out and use the bucket to catch my vomit.  The only thing good about this movie was basically the “film” debut of Michelle Pfeiffer

  • Caddyshack II

    The original Caddyshack was such a classic.  This piece of #$%^# sequel should not be allowed to be viewed by anyone ever again.  It’s a disgrace to film and humanity and God bless Rodney Dangerfield for dropping out of the movie before production started.  Chevy Chase however was not that wise and this is the result!! Just awful!!

  • Exorcist 3: Legion

    Yea that’s right.  I skipped right over Exorcist 2: The Heretic.  That was bad enough and poor Linda Blair got suckered into that one after her magnificent performance in the original Exorcist.  That movie is one of the great horror flicks of all time and still holds up today.  However, Exorcist 3:Legion is just absolutely pathetic.  George C. Scott, yes, General Patton plays the lead character.  However, what takes the cake here is that former NBA star Patrick Ewing plays “The Angel of Death”.  It’s absolutely hysterical.  The movie does take place in Georgetown and I’m sure that’s why they chose the former Hoya for this absolutely hideous role.  I actually paid to see this and laughed out loud many times during the movie which came out in 1990.   Ewing comes in about  the 1:50 mark of this clip.  Enjoy and try not to puke.



  • Jaws 4: The Revenge

    This movie should have titled “Jaws 4: Why in the hell did Michael Caine make this movie?”  It’s one of the great mysteries in life.  Jaws 2 I was okay with while Jaws 3 in 3D was an horrific movie but one of the first 3d movies I ever saw and it was bad 3D.  Jaws 4: The Revenge plot goes from absurd, to creepy and then puke inducing.  It’s the only Jaws film I have seen where everyone is rooting for the shark because the acting is so bad you want the film to end as quickly as possible.  Here’s a little “taste” from Jaws 4: The Revenge.


  • The Next Karate Kid

    OMG!!  The original Karate Kid with Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio was fantastic.  Karate Kid II wasn’t bad either.  Karate Kid III should never have been made which brings us to The Next Karate Kid.  This movie bugged me for several reasons.  First it was filmed in Boston and a few other surrounding towns so there were detours and road closures for weeks.  It’s bad enough trying to drive through Boston without any restrictions but I digress.   This is considered Hillary Swank’s pre-Oscar breakout movie.  She was ok as was Pat Morita but the entire plot and acting from everyone else sucked and like Karate Kid III, this movie never should have been made.  Enjoy this suckiness clip from The Next Karate Kid



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