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Our favorite seasonal scents were the subject of an early Christmas survey. The top smells include gingerbread, hot chocolate, just to name a few. What smell reminds you f the most wonderful time of the year? Mine some might say isn’t so magical…

Finally, the holiday season has here. Christmas is quickly approaching. Nothing puts the majority of us in the holiday spirit more than particular smells that transport you to Christmases of the past. I recall being snug in my bed at Christmastime, with images of sugarplums dancing around in my thoughts. House is as quiet as a mouse. And that distinct aroma that I’ll never forget floating through the air still makes me think of the holiday season. the odor of burning plastic and paper.

Oh, those Christmastime memories when my pillow landed on top of my nightlight. Soon after the smoldering pillow blazed up like a candle, the fire began. A short while later, some of my G.I. Joes that were stashed in the corner of my room and smoldering on my pillow began to burn. The sound of those fire alarms ringing like Christmas bells is something I’ll never forget.

Mom and Dad waking me up in their matching holiday jammies will startle me out of my sleep. Their eyes wide like a child on Christmas morning. Luckily, everybody was okay. Here’s a  tip:  Children should go to bed and wait for Santa and keep your pillows as far away as you can and try to remain far away from your nightlight. That’s my personal Christmas scent, albeit it’s not the most well-known.

Favorite Holiday Smells:

After Thanksgiving, it’s time for Christmas news, I suppose. In an early poll according to News Wire, respondents were asked to select their favorite holiday SMELLS. And first place went to Christmas trees.

Because the poll was conducted by an organization named the “REAL Christmas Tree Board,” we are a little dubious. However, the remaining rankings do seem to be roughly right.


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