Everyone in Florida has a favorite taco spot. For some it’s one of the chains. Or maybe it’s that little hole in the wall joint in a strip mall.  Me? Well my favorite tacos come from a gas station. For others, los tacos hechos por tu abuela. But one thing is for sure. Just about everyone in Florida loves tacos. But we’re different. The most popular tacos in Florida are not the same as the rest of the country. Of course we’re different, that’s who we are.

Before we get to the Florida top 5 –  Which fillings are the most popular amongst all states? The experts at Betway, analyzed Google searches from the past month to determine the most loved toppings on tacos.

Overall across all states the results are:

  • The most searched-for taco in the US is beef taco!
  • The most popular type of tacos are soft tacos with 44 states listed below preferring them to hard tacos.
  • States that prefer hard tacos are Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Maine!
  • Beef Taco: 45 states search for ‘Beef Taco’ as the most searched filling.
  • Fish Taco: 4 states search for ‘Fish Taco’ as the most searched filling (Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, and Maine).
  • Shrimp Taco: 1 state searches for ‘Shrimp Taco’ as the most searched filling (Louisiana).

So the states that love hard shelled tacos prefer them to be fish tacos? A hard shelled fish taco in Iowa. Well that’s just weird. I’d still try it, though. Especially if there’s some homemade salsa to go with.

So what are the most popular tacos in Florida?

We’ve crunched the numbers and are excited to share Florida’s taco preferences based on Google Trends data. 🌮📈

  • 5. Fish Taco

    It makes sense that fish tacos show up on a Florida list. I do love a fish taco, but they are tricky. A well made fish taco will make you cry happy tears. But – most fish tacos I’ve had do not fall into this category. I’ve had many bad fish tacos. For this reason, I usually stay away from them unless I’m making them myself.

  • 4. Carnitas taco

    Carnitas tacos are generally made from pork shoulder. Think pulled pork, but then oven crisped. The high fat content of the shoulder helps make these delicious.


  • 3. Al pastor taco

    Although it comes it at number 3 on the Florida list, this is my personal favorite. The Al pastor is similar to the carnitas, but, carnitas are usually braised in liquid or fat or even lard. Al pastor is marinated, then grilled and utilizes pineapple to provide a tangy flavor

  • 2. Chicken taco

    Chicken tacos are best with a simple onion and cilantro topping with some green salsa. I like making chicken tacos because when you cook it right you generally just use whatever chicken is the cheapest. Slow cook some marinated chicken thighs for your taco and you’ll see what I mean. Not really sure what the person in this tweet is doing.

  • 1. Shrimp taco

    Shrimp tacos are the most popular taco in Florida. I guess that makes sense, we all love our seafood. Do some shrimp tacos with a side of beans and rice and you’ll be happy.

  • How we did the rankings #math

    This dataset ranks all the cities, based on the average search volume for terms relevant to ‘tacos’. To reveal the cities’ most loved taco toppings, Google Search volumes were used. they sourced the average number of searches for relevant terms from the past month per city. Shrimp tacos are the most popular taco in Florida, with an average monthly search volume of 120,000. This is likely due to the fact that Florida is a coastal state and shrimp is a popular seafood dish in the region. Chicken tacos are also a popular choice, with an average monthly search volume of 100,000. Al pastor tacos, carnitas tacos, and fish tacos are also popular options, with average monthly search volumes of 90,000, 80,000, and 60,000, respectively.

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