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Inflation is hitting us all, especially when it comes to staples like eggs, butter, flour – beer. Yes, I consider beer a necessary staple. Last week we found that Florida ranks second highest state in the country for a price of a dozen eggs.  Today we’ll see how Florida ranks in the price of a glass of Bud Light.

Hey Joe, why Bud Light?

Because I have data – and lots of it. Untappd is a software used by nearly 20,000 retailers to publish their menus. So, they know what all of those places charge. That data was used to collect pricing data from all 50 states for a Bud Light. The ranking of all 50 states is for the average price of a 16oz draft pour of Bud Light. The national average in bars, restaurants, and taprooms for a pint of Bud Light is $4.19.

So you don’t want a Bud Light? If you’re ordering a draft IPA, the average price of that across America is $6.85.

This is the average. Yes, you’re going to pay more for a beer if you go to the Fountainbleau in Miami compared to Peter’s Sports bar in Lehigh Acres. So if you’re traveling across America, here’s what you can expect to pay for a 16 ounce draft Bud Light. Ranked.

  • 1. Nevada $5.60

    It’s less than $5 in most of Nevada, Vegas brings the average up.

  • 2. Alaska $5.50

    Shipping adds a lot to the price. But I bet it’s ice cold.

  • 3. Hawaii $5.37

    Everything is more expensive there.

  • 4. California $5.16

    I got really drunk at the Rainbow Room in Los Angeles. Don’t even remember what my tab was.

  • 5. Arizona $5.12

    It’s the desert. You’re gonna need beer.

  • 6. Massachusetts $4.79

    There’s about 200 breweries in the state. Lots of selection.

  • 7. New York $4.74

    I think most of it is drank in Buffalo.

  • 8. Washington $4.66

    The state, not DC.

  • 9. Maryland $4.61

    I’m told at happy Hour you can get one for 2 bucks.

  • 10. Virginia $4.55

    More than 200 craft breweries are open in Virginia.

  • 11. Minnesota $4.50

    If you can get to the bar through all the snow.

  • 12. Oklahoma $5.50

    Can you say “Oklahoma” out loud without breaking into song? I cannot.

  • 13. North Dakota $4.43

    Super cold there.

  • 14. Idaho $4.39

    Potatoes and beer!

  • 15. New Hampshire $4.39

    Drinking at home? You’ll need to make two stops. New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet stores do not sell beer or alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of 6% or less by volume.

  • 16. Connecticut $4.38

    Fun fact: Bud Light is the most popular beer brand among Connecticut residents.

  • 17. Mississippi $4.38

    Ever had a Mississippi Mud Black & Tan? It’s special.

  • 18. Colorado $4.35

    A lot of competition for tap space. The state with the highest number of breweries is Colorado, where there are 425 breweries.

  • 19. Vermont $4.31

    Vermont has the most breweries per capita.

  • 20. Florida $4.30

    We call it “Florida Man Fuel”. I mean, I do.

  • 21. Tennessee $4.30

    You can’t just drink whiskey.

  • 22. Wyoming $4.30

    You can actually take a ‘beer trail’ through the state. Hopefully it goes better than my attempts at “Oregon Trail”.

  • 23. Oregon $4.27

    Speaking of…..

  • 24. Texas $4.23

    Almost to the halfway point and just above the average of $4.19.

  • 25. Kansas $4.18

    TIL: The band “Kansas” not in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

  • 26. Missouri $4.18

    I also learned that Kansas City is in Missouri, and not in Kansas.

  • 27. Arkansas $4.10

    The most popular beer in Arkansas in Yuengling.

  • 28. New Jersey $4.08

    Jersey actually has it’s own beer subreddit:  r/njbeer

  • 29. Iowa $4.07

    In the bottom half of the list, also the cheapest place in America to buy eggs.

  • 30. Georgia $4.04

    After dealing with the traffic in that state, you need it.

  • 31. South Carolina $4.04

    Two most popular beers in South Carolina? Bud and Bud Light.

  • 32. New Mexico $4.00

    Since we’re on the border, that’d be 75 pesos.

  • 33. South Dakota $4.00

    For some reason they like to have a pickle spear with their beer. So don’t act weird when it shows up.

  • 34. Maine $3.97

    Or a “Moxie” if you’re driving.

  • 35. Delaware $3.96

    When the president isn’t crushing an ice cream cone, he can get a draft Bud Light for less than 4 bucks.

  • 36. Louisiana $3.90

    Bring your own beads.

  • 37. Alabama $3.89

    Didn’t make the College Football Playoffs this year? Have a beer!

  • 38. North Carolina $3.88

    We used to spend summers on the Outer Banks.

  • 39. Illinois $3.79

    In the Midwest there’s nothing better than a cold one.

  • 40. Michigan $3.77

    Been to Michigan? You’re gonna need a drink.

  • 41. Rhode Island $3.77

    In such a small state, there are 40 breweries.

  • 42. Wisconsin $3.71

    Beer and cheese dontcha know.

  • 43. Kentucky $3.69

    When you’re not drinking bourbon.

  • 44. Nebraska $3.69

    Nebraska people seem to like “red beer” which is beer with a splash of tomato juice. I’d try it.

  • 45. Ohio $3.69

    The origin of Sam Adams beer isn’t Boston. It’s Ohio. Look it up.

  • 46. Pennsylvania $3.68

    Eagles fans found a loophole that allowed them to tailgate at the stadium for 11 hours last weekend. That’s a lot of drinking.

  • 47. Indiana $3.66

    Weird fact –  Indiana’s gas stations and supermarkets have been thwarted by a law that requires them to sell their beer at room temperature. Only liquor stores can refrigerate beer for sale.

  • 48. Utah $3.50

    Can they drink beer in Utah? really?

  • 49. West Virginia $3.46

    Rather a mixed drink? West Virginia’s most popular mixed drink is the gin and tonic.

  • 50. Montana $3.44

    But on the Yellowstone Ranch they drink Coors.

  • How much for an IPA? Here's that link:

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