LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - FEBRUARY 06: Fans react to a television camera pointing at them during the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl at Allegiant Stadium on February 06, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The AFC defeated the NFC 41-35. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The NFL is a multibillion-dollar franchise, with fans forking out incredible amounts each season to support their team, hoping to experience the highs and glory that come with Super Bowl success. But with the NFL game day experience costing more and more each year, we wanted to find out how much an NFL fan of each franchise might be paying by 2025.

Analyzing the increase in price since 2019, we’ve been able to project the enormous sums fans of each team might be paying out for tickets, food and drink, parking, and jerseys in just a few years’ time. Read on to find out how much you’ll soon be paying to support your team!

The most expensive NFL teams to support by 2025

Considering all fan factors, the costliest NFL team to support by 2025 will be the Las Vegas Raiders, whose followers will have to spend $771.31 individually or $2253.03 for a family of four.

Average Raiders ticket prices will reach an eye-watering $469.12 each per match, while a replica jersey will set supporters back a staggering $218.35 – the same as most other NFL franchises. Incredibly, this will be 31% more expensive than a Washington Commanders jersey, whose supporters will only be asked to spend $149.99.

Next up, the New York Giants are due to be the second-most expensive team to support by the mid-point of the decade, with fans soon expected to have to fork out a whopping $554.67 to enjoy the full NFL experience.

This includes parking that reaches almost $200! If you’re visiting the Giants with children, however, you’ll get slightly better value-for-money for the experience ($958.12).

Ranking third, fans of Super Bowl LV winners the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be spending over $500 per game by 2025, including $165.86 per full price ticket. Turning up to the Florida franchise with the family will only cost you twice as much, though, so it’s potentially worth bringing along the kids for a better-value day out.

Placing fourth and fifth, respectively, we have two Californian franchises in the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers. Rams fans recently tasted Super Bowl success, but at what cost? They’ll be expected to pay $482.48 to support their team by 2025, including $151.93 on parking, $13.11 for a hot dog, and $218.35 on a jersey. This jumps to just $792.45 for a family ticket.

Meanwhile, supporters of the 49ers can expect to spend $466.76, including almost $200 for an individual ticket. Once again, the value in visiting the 49ers comes from bringing along the kids, with family tickets due to cost just over $1,100.

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  • Which teams will charge the most for each part of the game day experience?

    We’ve looked at which NFL franchises are expected to cost fans the most and least, but how about when we look at each individual element of the game day experience?

  • Tickets

    We’ve already highlighted the extreme expense attached to buying Raiders tickets by 2025, but which other franchises will also be charging the most money for a seat in the stadium?

    Placing second, a San Francisco 49ers ticket will cost $199.28, followed by a match day pass for the Cleveland Browns ($185.93), Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($165.86), and Carolina Panthers ($151.48).

    At the other end of the table, visiting the Los Angles Chargers will cost you just $18.90 per ticket, by far the cheapest across the NFL, ahead of city neighbors the Los Angeles Rams ($79.78).

  • Parking

    Set to charge supporters almost $200 for game day parking, the New York Giants are by far the costliest team to visit by car, ahead of the Los Angeles Rams ($151.93) and Los Angles Chargers ($145.38), whose fans will also be expected to pay triple digits.

    On the flipside, New Orleans Saints fans will have to spend just $2.10 for game day parking, while the Arizona Cardinals ($4.56), New York Jets ($9.21), Tennessee Titans ($9.58), and Detroit Lions will also charge supporters less than $10 for a parking space.

  • Beer

    By 2025, no NFL team will charge fans more for beer than the Washington Commanders, with each drink due to cost $27.44. That’s over $100 for a round between four friends!

    Following, we have the Tennessee Titans ($20.58), San Francisco 49ers ($15.21), Miami Dolphins ($14.75), and Philadelphia Eagles ($14.75). Meanwhile, the New York Jets will have the most affordable beer, at just $1.25 per serving.

  • Soft drinks

    Not everyone wants a beer at the game, but some fans will have to spend more on soft drinks than others – and none more so than supporters of the Cincinnati Bengals ($16.00). The only other team expected to charge over $10 will be the Las Vegas Raiders ($10.67).

    In contrast, the Atlanta Falcons will charge supporters just $2 for a soft drink, while New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts fans will spend just $2.20 and $2.53, respectively.

  • Hot dogs

    Hot dogs are an NFL essential, but some supporters get a better deal than others. In fact, by 2025, Los Angeles Chargers fans will have to pay $14.22 for food, compared to just $2.96 due to be expected of those who follow the Washington Commanders.

    Other teams at the top end of the hot dog table include the Los Angeles Rams ($13.11), Las Vegas Raiders ($12.12), and Tennessee Titans ($10.67), who are all expected to charge more than $10.

  • Jerseys

    When it comes to team jerseys, most clubs will be charging a huge $218.35 by 2025, with the only exception being the Washington Commanders. Instead, fans of the Washington franchise will only have to pay $149.99, which represents a 0% rise in price since 2019.

    With the NFL earning more and more fans each season, it’s interesting to see just how much more money supporters might be forced to pay to enjoy the thrilling action from a seat in the stadium by 2025. For even more expert insight from our sports betting experts, check out the latest over on our blog.

  • Methodology

    This campaign looks at which NFL teams have increased their prices the most since 2019. From this a forecast was produced to see the estimated prices for each NFL team in 2025.

    Overall six different factors were used within the data sets. The average price of a ticket, the average price of parking, the average price for a beer, the average price for a soft drink, the average price for a hot dog, and the average price of an adult jersey.

    The percentage change in price for each factor between 2019 and 2021 was recorded and applied twice again to determine the potential cost for 2025.

    The family total cost was calculated from the price of 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 soft drinks, 2 beers, 1 adult jersey, and parking. The individual total cost was calculated from the price of 1 ticket, 1 hot dog, 1 soft drink, 1 beer, 1 adult jersey, and parking. The percentage change in price was applied twice again determine the potential cost for 2025.

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