Sometimes you just got to treat yourself. And you can’t go much bigger than steaks in Naples. Sure, we have great seafood here, and there’s some amazing low cost options, too. But sometimes, when you want to impress, you just want a steak.

So where do you go for a great steak in Naples? I went with TripAdvisor to do the rankings because my favorites already have memories behind them. I was once entered into a steak eating competition at Shula’s, competing against former members of the Miami Dolphins. Big dudes. They put this giant porterhouse in front of me and I was supposed to eat it as fast as I could. The guys around me picked theirs up like Fred Flintstone and went at it. I took my knife and fork and enjoyed every last bite. I didn’t win the contest. Don’t care.

Or there’s the time Billy Fucillo (we miss you Billy!) took some of us out to the Capital Grille. We ordered massive steaks and many drinks and had a great time. My friend Mike was a chef there at the time. He came out of the kitchen to see what was going on. It was a party.

That’s why I can’t be trusted with ranking Steakhouses in Naples. You don’t just go out for steak in Naples, it’s an experience. And experiences will cloud judgement. So if you’re looking for a dining experience, go for steaks in Naples. The ones higher on the list are definitely pricier, but worth it. Because of the way the rankings work, it’s possible that one might be ranked lower simply because there’s less reviews. So a newer place may not be ranked as high. It’s not an exact science. As you can see, a couple of chains made the list. There’s pictures and links, so you make your decision.



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